Liam is a good cook!!!!

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Maddie o:LIAMMMM

Maddie m:Come lay down maddie o

Maddie o:Thanks for forgiving me 

Maddie m:No problem LIAMMMMMMMMNM


Maddie m:Can u make us food babe

Maddie o:Yeah somthing with oreos in it

Maddie m:Yeah.

Liam:I see u made up

Maddie m:How could we not

Liam:I got an idea

Maddie m:Okay

Liam**Deep fries the oreos**

Liam:**Brings up the fried oreos

Maddie o: :O I LOVE YOU

Maddie m:Back off XD

Maddie o:XDDDD 

Liam:Here you go 

Maddie m:thanks 

Maddie o:**With the whole thing in her mouth** Thanks

Liam:Dont get crumbs on the sheets

Maddie m:Too late 

Maddie o:Yeah

Maddie m:I finished my food already

Maddie o:Me too

Maddie m:Im gonna go pee

Maddie o:Im gonna go dwon stairs 

Maddie m:Ok

Maddie m:**Gets up to pee**

Maddie m:Where are my chruches 



Maddie m:Give me my cruches back


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