I arose from my sleep at 6 am sharp, as did Sareyna.

I threw on black combat boots and light blue ripped jeans and nirvana t-shirt. In all my years I have to say they were a pretty great band.

"Ready Bae?" Sareyna asked sweetly.

"Totally" I said in a cliche teen voice.

we laughed instantly.

We walked down the block side by side laughing and talking as usual when a boy approached us.

"Hey ladies, how are you today" He said in a flirtatious tone.

"Haha we're fine" Sareyna replied awkwardly.

Something about this boy, was so familiar I couldn't quite grasp it but it was there. He was dressed in a gothic tone like us. his hair shaggy died black and knotted. He wore knee high converse and a black muscle shirt. he was pale medium build and wore a crap load of makeup. piercings filled his ears.

"My names Twiggy by the way you guys must be new haven't seen you around" He giggled

"Wait a minute bub your parents named you after a tiny fallen branch?" Sareyna asked rudely.

I smacked her arm.

"Well my full,name is Twigson Ramirez" He stated cutely.

"Oh cool!" I said to break my silence.

"We are new by the way, my names Ravenne and this is Sareyna" I stated sweetly.

"Nice to meet you both" He said with a quirky smile.

"It'd be nice if you could show us around" I said with hope in my voice.

"Sure thing!" he said nicely.

He walked us around the school to the cafeteria, through the library and around the campus. He directed us to the office, where the advisor handed us our schedules.

"Yes Reey we have All our classes together!" I exclaimed to Sareyna with excitement.

"I know this is great!" she exclaimed.

"Can I see?" Twiggy asked.

"Sure" I stated nicely. I handed him the paper he skimmed it quickly.

"You're in two of my classes!" he stated.

"But you probably won't talk to me anyway." he said with a drastic mood change.

"Why wouldn't we talk to you?" I asked confused.

"Cause nobody likes me, Im sort of a loser." he said sadly.

"Farthest thing from!" Sareyna exclaimed.

"You're so cool and funny and nice, we like you Twiggy so we're gonna be friends with you." I stated nicely.

"Hey great!" He exclaimed looking uplifted.

"We should get to class, before you're late on your first day" He stated. he grabbed my hand and I grabbed Sareyna as collateral damage as we were both dragged by him through the busy hallway jammed with teenagers.

"Ow!!" Twiggy slow down" we yelled.

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