Part 2

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-Sophie P.O.V-

As i enter the doors of the gym my eyes landed on Sarah. She is rich and popular and have her ugly minions with her. , fake nose, everything looks fake to me.The one girl i dislike the most. She was flirting with Alex but he wasn't paying her any attention.

"hey" bre said. "hey" i said smiling. "so who you going with to the christmas dance?" she ask. "well i was hoping alex asked me but i dont know for sure " i said. she rolled her eyes."Girl find someone quick, stop waiting on him to ask you" she said. She is just not one of the best peraon to talk to about relationships.  so I just sat down and put in my earphones.

-Alex P.O.V.-

The first time i saw sophie i knew she was the one, but i never had the courage to talk to her. I want to ask her to the christmas dance but i am scared she rejects me.

"Hey,bro whats up?" Brandon said. "Should i ask Sophie to the dance or should i go with Sarah?" "Dude ask sophie, sarah is annoying and she doesn't compare to sophie.!" he said. "your right,  I'm going to ask her right now, wish me luck". i said.

As i made my way over there i was beyond nervous, i took a deep breathe.

"Hey, umm Sophie?" i said. "Yes, Alex" she said. "Would You like to go to the christmas dance with me?" i said. "Yes, I would love to!" Sophie said. She was happy verryy happyy.


When i saw alex walking over here i thought he was going to someone else because you know he is a player. He stopped right infront of me. Omg. Bre watched me and smile, "Told you he would ask you " she said.  i. just rolled my eyes

"Hey umm sophie?" he said "Yes Alex"i said . " Would you like to go to the christmas dance with me?  I was soo excited he finally ask mee. "Yes,  i would love to!." i said. I couldn't wait to tell Ria about this.


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