I Like Being Alone, Not Feeling Alone.

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I like being alone,

Not feeling alone

In a world of my own

I'll continue to roam

Until, I find a place to call home

I thought you were mine,

I should've known

It was just a matter of time

I got all sappy and I thought you loved me too

But love is evil

Evol, heart wrenching

I feel like I've been stabbed in the chest,

Maybe you're just like the rest.

Everybody leaves

In the end we all end up alone

Falling like leaves in autumn.

Bearing the weight of my heart

I hate being apart

How could I let myself get so attached?

I feel like I will never be patched

I feel broken and distraught

Like a bug caught

In the spiders web,

Trapped in the lion's den

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