Chapter 1

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            The absol wandered the ruins of her past with a heavy heart. 100 years ago, this was a place where a tribe of absol who lived to be almost 1000 years old once stood, noble and kind. This absol, Luna, is all that is left of this once great tribe. They used to rise from the shadows and preform noble deeds, loyal to all with a kind heart. However the evil fires of The Great Persian Empire took the legendary tribe, and sold all who survived into slavery. Luna was one of them. Only she survived slavery. She always thought it was because she was wanted alive and healthy. Luna was no ordinary absol. Her mega evolution was twice as powerful as normal. The Persian Empire needed that sort of power. She escaped into a life in hiding. After 50 years of running, she came to the vine covered ruins of her ancestors. This 200 year old absol remembered the tribe always. Still living by the ancient code- to protect the helpless and to love all. She wandered over to a mountainside den. As she entered she saw an old carpet lay, charred, next to a soot-covered rocking chair.

This was her family's den. Almost everything was gone, but there was still the rug, chair and an old mirror. Her grandmother used to sit in the rocking chair and tell stories of the past to the little absol, who was always on the edge of her seat. Luna was now full grown, but the memories still lay there. As she was looking at the rocking chair, (it was amazing that it was still standing,) she noticed a sparkle from behind it. She moved the chair aside, knocking the handles off, to find her grandmother's old necklace. She remembered the how her grandma told her the alpha of the tribe had entrusted it to her. However, grandmother never told her why. Luna looked at the chain in amazement. The silver chain was polished. No dust or moss had grown onto it. The crystal hanging from the chain was a light topaz color and gave off a faint light. It looked hardly cut. She put the necklace on and it fit her perfectly. She looked over to a hole in the den, which was once covered up by wooden planks. Her father said that there where evil monsters behind the wood, so he covered it up. She looked down into the hole. It went deeper than she expected, but it was too dark to really tell. I've wanted to see what's down there for years. She thought. I think it's finally the right moment. She crawled down the hole.

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