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I was sitting in the living room eating popcorn and watching tv when someone knocked at the door. I got and went to answer it. It was Lil twist.

"um hi Lil twist." I said awkwardly. "hey is Justin here?"he asked "no he just left."I replied."so your home alone baby need some company?" He said flirty. "yeah I'm alone and I don't need company"I said. "yeah you do babe."

Lil twist walked in I just rolled my eyes." You shouldn't be here" I said "why" he asked. He grabbed my butt and pulled me close to him. I pushed him away "Stop!"I yelled. he pushed me on the couch and climbed on me. "GET OFF !!" I screamed. "babe shhhh ." twist whispered. I managed to get him off.

I grabbed his arm and threw him out. I felt so violated I went upstairs and went to bed hoping to forget his horribleness touching me.

Justin walked in and laid with me. The next morning I woke up and Justin put on the news. And there it was pictures of me and twist together.

Justin looked at me "What The fuck did you do!?" he yelled. " I can explain its not what it looks like." I said "YOUR SUCH A DAMN LIAR I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!!" he screamed "Justin he barged in I told him to get out he was aggressively pushing me around." I yelled "YOU SLUTTY WHORE GET OUT !" he kept screaming. I started to cry. "but babe i can prove it check your security cameras please stop yelling."I kept crying.

I showed him what happened an he finally believed me.

Justin grabbed me an he hugged me so tight all he kept saying was I'm sorry please don't cry please I hate when you cry because your too beautiful for that. I wouldn't let go I cried on his shoulder. My heart was pounding.

"I'm so sorry" we said at the same time. He pulled me close and kissed me. He got up "I'm gonna beat up twist." he said aggressively.

Justin and I ran out and got into his car as we drove to twists house I couldn't help but notice how Hot Justin was when he was mad.

All of a sudden the car made these weird noises and broke down. "FUUUUUCK!!!!!" Justin screamed he hit the steering wheel really hard. "baby it's ok relax!" I said trying to calm him down. Justin grabbed me really hard I flinched.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard to get my anger out." he said angry. He put me in the back seat and got on top of me he ripped off our cloths. He thrusted into me so hard I was hurting but at the same time I never felt so alive. I pulled his hair as I screamed in pain and enjoyment he was getting really sweaty and going really deep I couldn't catch my breath. Justin got all the way in and started cuming in me.

He got out and we went in a 69 position he was eating my while I was sucking on him like a lollipop I was so wet the more I felt his tongue the wetter I got. We were breathing so heavily the windows were all foggy and steamed we went back to normal position I was laying on Justin I put my hand against the window and it slowly slid down making my and print show I laid on Justin till I could catch my breath.

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