-Chapter 18

Ryouta sat down and looked over at me. “Can you please hand me a menu? I really need to figure out what I want to eat so you guys don’t have to wait forever for me to order,” he asked and I nodded my head and picked up the menu for him. I held it out to him and he took it. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” I grinned and I looked at Jason who looked back at me. I looked over at Lindsey and she flashed me a beautiful smile. My sister is so pretty and so lucky.

“Hey, Jason?” Lindsey said and Jason looked at her questioningly. “Can you explain to me the concept of your album? I want to post a review about your album on my website so I can promote it for you since a lot of my customers are people who probably don’t know who you exactly are and how good your music is. I know you have a good singing voice but I want to tell everyone about your album and you.”

“Umm…I guess you can say that my album is a mixture of fun and sadness. It’s going to have a few love songs along with a few fun party songs and sad songs. I cried during some of the sad songs that were given to me because they were so sad and had actual meaning. I had a few songs written by some people who experience broken hearts or tragic events that made them lose their true love.”

“I wrote a few songs for his album,” I stated and Lindsey looked at me in shock. “They actually made the cut due to Jason saying they should be on the album. He is also writing some personal material for the album so he can share it with the world.”

Ryouta laughed. “Amy, you’re so talented and so is Jason! Jason’s voice is impressive. I actually heard his song Intensity on the radio the other day and I jammed to it. It’s my favorite song so far because it is actually the only one I even listened to from his album.”

“Thank you and I do think Jason’s voice is impressive!” I replied and I looked at Jason. “You’re crazy talented. You deserve to get nominated for some awards. Maybe you’ll win some while you are here in America. Who knows what will happen once you become famous worldwide?”

Jason laughed and he grinned. “I guess I have an impressive voice but I’m nowhere near being crazy talented. I hope I do win some awards but I’m not betting on it. I just want to get my name out there and let people enjoy my music. I’m all about the entertainment.”

“That’s good to know,” Ryouta said. “You know about the entertainment part?”

“I understand my man.” Jason looked at Ryouta and nodded his head.

“Hello, I’m going to be your waitress tonight,” a girl with bubble gum pink lipstick and brown hair said. “Can I start you off with something to drink if you guys are ready to order them?”

“I’ll have some sweetened tea,” Jason ordered. “My girlfriend will have the same thing and so will her sister. What do you want Ryouta?”

Ryouta looked at the waitress. “I want some Pepsi if you have that, if not get me some Coke.”

The waitress nodded and wrote down the order and left. I grabbed Jason’s hand and held it. I love how warm his hand is! I love how warm hands can be. If my hands are cold, I like holding something warm.

“I love how you two are just so cute!” Lindsey squealed out and she clapped her hands softly, not making too much noise. “You guys are my favorite couple so far. I have never seen a finer couple besides my parents. What’s Jason’s parents like Amy?”

“They are amazing,” I said.

“That’s great.”

Ryouta leaned in a bit. “You two should do a reality show about your lives.”

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