Truths, Dares, and Kisses

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Remus heard the door downstairs click open and let himself have a sigh of relief. Now at least he didn't have to worry about Sirius spying on them, or worse, tempting him into joining him. He paused in his mindless pacing as many footsteps came up the staircase. The Grimmauld staircase wasn't by any means quiet. A knock sounded on the bedroom door, and he spoke up, "come on in."

There on the threshold was the one and only Nymphadora Tonks. Accompanied by Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, and George. And Sirius. Well bloody hell.

"I don't remember asking the whole household for company. For what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked teasingly and couldn't help the smile that adornes his face as Tonks giggled.

"Well, Professor Lupin,"

"See, we were all wondering if-"

"You'd like to join us for a game." Fred and George spoke together.

Hesmiled then remembered this was Fred, George, and Sirius."And just what kind of game have you lot decided to drag us all into?"

Tonks laughed then shook her head. "Not their idea, mate. Actually it was Hermione's idea."

He raised an eyebrow at said Gryffindor in question, and she nodded with a smile. Ginny giggled. "Come on, Lupin, won't be much fun without you." She added, and seemed to glance furtively between him and....Tonks?

"Alright then. Seems I don't have much of a choice, do I?"

All heads were shaken. With a smile, Remus added, "Well. Let's get started, then, shall we?"


After Sirius had fed Buckbeak, the group gathered around the coffee table of the attic. No game of muggle Truth or Dare was complete without a mysterious setting, according to one Sirius Black.


"Who's ready"

"To start this game?" Grinning like twin Chesire cats, they glanced around at the circle.

"Ahhh. The lovely Tonks. Truth or dare?" asked a smirking Fred.


"I dare you to....stand on the table and sing a Weird Sisters song!"

Needless to say, it proved interesting, especially when Sirius documented the whole occurrence.


"Moonyyyyyy. Truth or dare?" Sirius asked Remus. With him, he'd probably have him blurt secrets, but his dares, hmmmm....


He immediately regretted his decision when he saw the evil glint in his eyes. Moony could only hope it wouldn't be anything too embarrassing considering his audience. Not only was he in front of former students, but also her.

"I dare you...." He paused and exchanged what Remus assumed were conspiratorial glances with the twins, Ginny, and ...Hermione? Really, he's got everyone against him now?

"I dare you," he started again, and Remus was about ready to smack him in impatience. " kiss the prettiest female in this room."

Oh. Ohhhh. His shock must've registered on his face, and then came the inevitable blush and mandatory speech. "Sirius...I can't do that and you know it. They are all too young." He paused to cast a meaningful glance his way. "And besides, sure they don't playing a game or talking with a werewolf, but touching or even kissing one?" Remus shook his head. "Surely you know how I feel about this Padfoot?"

Just as he was about to add more, he was interrupted by Nymphadora Tonks. "Bollocks Remus! You know none of us care about that. You're a wolf once a month, moody and dangerous. You know what? So am I, so are all the girls. It's not a big deal, you're not a monster, more like the opposite."

She breathed deeply after speaking and he just stared at her, dumbstruck. Did she really mean all of that? Did she really believe that-that he was more than a werewolf, a human with a curse? He couldn't believe it, couldn't even begin to comprehend it. Remus probably would've stood there gawping until Ginny stalked up to stand beside Tonks, and spoke, smirk in her voice, "close your mouth Lupin. It'll catch flies, and that's not something you'd like before you kiss the girl of your dreams, is it?"

Her statement wasn't met with scorn and laughter like he'd have expected. Instead, a chant rose from the participants of the truth or dare game, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her. It kept building, swelling up like a tide urging him deeper into the ocean. Her blushed cheeks only encouraged him further. And for once in his life, Remus was spontaneous. He lunged forward and her lips were on his. It was like nothing he'd ever felt. Soft warm lips sending sparks up and down his body, a warm tingling sensation building in his stomach. The rest of the world was gone, just her arms around his neck, his hands on her waist, and their lips attached. As they pulled away, he was amazed at the flushed and flustered look on her features. He felt an overwhelming sense of pride. He caused that.

Suddenly they weren't alone anymore. The wolf-whistles and cat calls were a ruckus among them, and Sirius' fist pump of joy didn't go unnoticed.

"Well. Tonks. Truth or dare?" A smiling Hermione asked the flustered woman beside him.

"Huh-oh uhm. Right then. Truth I s'pose, 'Mione." Remus could hear the distinct tone of distraction in her voice. Well of course she's distracted, she just snogged a bloody werewolf, after all. Still, he couldn't help wondering if maybe, just maybe she had enjoyed it even a little.

He turned to hear Hermione's question for her, as she had been consulting with Ron and Harry for ideas. "If you were stranded on an abandoned island, and you could take one companion with you, who would it be and why?"

"Remus," she blurted, as though his name had been shot from her lips. He looked over at her shocked, and she blushed more. "I mean, he's my best mate, and besides, he's smart and resourceful. If he couldn't get us off the island, then he would at least be able to make a shelter and get food that wouldn't kill us, which is more than I can say for Siri over there."

He laughed with the others, but couldn't get a question out of his mind. "Okay, I may be resourceful occasionally, but what would you do about that one night a month?" he inquired, curiosity getting the best of him.

She sighed, a soft smile playing on her pink lips, those rather kissable Snap out of it! Rememering she had been answering his question, he realized that he had completely zoned out her entire answer.

He saw that she was done speaking and nodded politely. The game was interrupted by Molly calling everyone down for supper. Remus had never been so happy to hear Molly Weasley yelling.

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