Chapter 2

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I am glad that its summer no homework and teachers giving us lectures. I am in my room listening to some old school music and cleaning up. "Ash....telephone" my mother yells. Turns down my music and runs to get the phone. Hello. "Hey Ash" Its Kels. "What are you doing?" Nothing cleaning my room and listening to some music...what are you doing? "Wanted to see if you going to go to the mall with me and the crew?" Hey ma can i go to the mall with Kels and the crew? " Ja aber du must um 10 da heim sain" (yes but you have to be home by 10). Ok ma danke(thank you). Kels what time we going my moms said I have to be home by 10. "Girl me too but we leaving around 7....want me to pick you up?" Yea you can do that i will be ready. Hangs up and finish cleaning my room then goes outside to play some baskeetball with the boys in my neighborhood. Comes back inside and takes a shower and gets dressed and waits for Kels to come and pick me up so we can go to the mall. "Honk Honk." Bye ma be back later. "Be safe Ash" my mom yells after me. I get in the car and we are on the way. Gets to the mall and meets up with the crew. Whats up guys? "Nothing" they all said at the same time. We walked around the mall and had some food. After we ate we looked at the time and it was almost 10 Oclock so Kels called her mother and she came to get us. Bye as we hug everyone bye and walked to were her mom droped us off at. Bye Kels as i get out the car and in the house. "Ash you are late!" Alex yells as i get in the house.SHHHH Alex be quite. "Ashley Kimberly Brown!" my mom yells from her room. Damn boy why u have to snitch. Yes mom as i get to her room."This is the last time you are going out." she says. Why mom it wont happen again. "You were late and cuz I said so." my mom replies. Walks out and into my room to get ready for my shower. Gets in and showers then heads to my room and gets dressed and lays down listening to music. 2 months past and we have 3 weeks left before school started again. "Ashley lets go." my mom yells. Here i come. We are going school shopping sence we only have 3 weeks left of summer. When we got to the mall my mom gave me 300 dollars to go shopping. I went and got me some new pants shirts and shoes and met them back up at the food court. "what do you guys want to eat?" my mom asked. Can I have some subway ma? "yea." she said. Goes and stands in the line and orders my food as I get up to the front. Sits at the table with Lilly and Alex and eats my food. After we ate we walked around for a lil more and then headed home. Got home and put my clothes away and took a shower. "Ash phone for you!" my brother yells from downstairs. Comes down and gets the phone and heads to my room. Hello. "Hey girl it's Kels." Whats up? "Did you go shopping yet for school?" Yea we just back like 30 minutes ago.....did you go yet? "yea but I'm not done auntie is taking me tomorrow to finish." that's what's up Kels....well I'm going to take me a nap so I will call you back later when I get up from my nap. "Ok gurl later." I went to sleep for 2 hours and then got up for dinner. "Ash your friend called and said it was important and of you can call her back." my mom tells me at the dinner table. I eat then call Kels. Hey gurl you called. "Yea........" what's wrong Kels ? " before school starts." Stays quite for a second. Kels you can't leave......were are you moving too? "I know I dont want to move and start over and we are moving to Alabama my dad got a job offer and he took it." I will ask my mom if I can come and stay with you until you leave. "Ok i will ask my mom and see if you can come and stay." Ma may I stay the night at Kels she is moving before school starts please. "yes go head only if it's ok with her mom." what she say Kels my mom said yes. "She said yea too." ok I will be over in a lil bit. I pack my bag and headed to Kels house. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith how are you guys doing? "Doing just fine Ash thanks for asking." Heads up with Kels to her room and talked with her. I'm sad that you are leaving me as I hug her. "I know me too but I can't do anything bout it.....I will miss you." ok enough with this sadness lets have fun together while we can. Turns on some music and has some fun dancing and singing.

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