chapter 6

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"so, where am i gonna sleep?" i ask.

"there " he says as he points to the other bed in his room.

I smile and he hugs me. Ah hes so cute. i sigh happily. I kiss his nose and he smiles at me. His smile is extremely perfect. I sit on the bed im gonna be sleeping on and i lay my head down on the pillow. His mom walks in. "you two , are you guys hungry? " i look at Julian and nod yes. he says yes to her . Jade walks in and hugs me . "hi!" she says. shes so adorable. like her brother. "hey ! " i hug back. "jade can you pleaseeee get out?" he says . She walks out and Julian goes over to me and holds my hand and kisses my cheek. I blush. greaaaaaat. He notices and smiles. We kiss again , i lay down and he lays next to me. We start cuddling because i get cold and his mom calls us to go eat. We walk down the stairs and of course, i trip. yay. "you okay babe?" julian asks helping me up. "perfect" i say . We go to the table and start eating . "Youre really cute when you eat " Julian says. I blush and smile at him . We see Jade coming down the stairs singing to Adele . I smile at her and she runs to me and hugs me. She sits down next to me. So im sitting in between Julian and Jade. Julian's Mom sits across me and Julian and starts eating.

"So where are you from sweetie?" She asks. "Im from New York , but my parents divorced so now i just live with my brother here " I reply. "How old is your brother?" She asks. "Hes 18" i reply smiling. "Is he in college?" She asks. "Not yet, Hes a senior. But when he goes to college, im not gonna have anywhere to stay." i reply looking down. Julian holds my hand under the table causing me to smile. "Well, if you want to, and if your brother lets you , you can live here with us ." She says causing Jade to scream and jump around in excitment. I smile at her and Julian. Julian finishes eating, and i finish eating. We sit in the living room with his mom , and Jade wants to sing a song to us. Julian puts his arm around my waist and i blush. "This song is dedicated to those two! " Jade says pointing at me and Julian. She starts singing 'Perfect Two'. Me and Julian both smile and i rest my head on his shoulder. After the song is over, we clap and Jade and her mom let me and Julian be alone. I turn my head around to face him and i kiss his cheek. He turns his head and kisses me. His lips feel so warm and soft on mine and eventually, i pull away and he smiles at me. I smile back. "You have a smile that can brighten up a dark pitch black room" He says. I smile and say thank you. We look at the clock '11:42' Jade stopped singing at around 10:58. Were we in the living room that long? woah. time goes by fast. "Wanna go to bed ? " Julian asks. "Sure " i reply with a smile. We hold hands and walk upstairs and go in his room.

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