The Party

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Serina P.O.V

When we pulled up to the house party that shit was live af. There was alot of cars along the sides of the streets and a ton of people out side in the front yard.

I looked at my girl and said "You know we fina get it in tonight right" I laughed. She chuckled and parked the car. When we walked up to the house all the boys was looking at us. The girls rolling there eyes and mugging but I really ain't give a fuck bet they won't say shit tho. I kept walking till I felt a hand grab my arm.

"Wats up ma" this guy said.

I turned around and looked him up and down he was fine no doubt but I wasn't tryna talk to nobody like that and it was another dark skin guy with him.

"The about you try asking my name cause it ain't ma" I said sarcastically.

"Shawty got a mouth on her" he laughed.

"Yea ain't shit you gone do about it" tamara said with attitude. "Lets go they wasting our time." We walk the way into the house and saw Mariah and Nikki from our crew in the kitchen by the drinks.

"Aye that's what I'm talking about" I said already knowing what I was fina mix up for us.

We took a few shots started to feel a lil buzz. Then they played my song by 2chainz bhad bitches. I got hype af I grabbed tamara and pulled her to the floor. We started twerkin I ain't gone lie my friend had it goin on she was getting it. Then I felt some hands grab my waist I started twerkin and grindin harder. I felt him getting hard under me.


Terrel P.O.V

Shawty had ass for days and she knew how to use it she had me sitting on hard right now. But I can tell she not like the rest usually girls just throw themselves at me and she didn't even give me a second look. Just hope I don't run into my crazy ass ex tonight. Thinking of the devil here she come.

"Umm excuse me I think you fuckn with the wrong man cuz bitch he mine" she said to ol girl.

" Bitch I know you ain't taking to me cuz if he was yours he wouldn't be dancing with ill advise you to get the hell up outta my face before you have some problems!"she yelled.

"Jasmine what are you doing here we don't talk no more so stop telling people that you always causing drama just leave".

"I know you ain't gone let that bitch talk to you like that?" Jasmine shadow Brianna said

"Who you calling a bitch hoe you don't know me"

Next thing I know ol girl swung and hit Jasmine in the jaw then they was at it. I was tryna get her off Jasmine but she wasn't letting go. Brianna tried to jump in but ol girl friend grabbed her by her hair.

"Damn can I get some help here!!" I yelled. Then my nigga malik came and help me break up the fight with ol girl and Jasmine. Her ass was strong it took us a min cuz she wasn't letting go but I held her down while Malik took Jasmine away. Some other guys broke up brianna and the other girl.


Tamara P.O.V

This bitch thought she was fina jump my friend I hate to think.

"let me go" I tell the guy that was holding me and went to go check on serina.

"You alright serina?" I asked

"Yea lets go" she said getting up

"Hold up ma can i get ur numba?" The guy from earlier asked

"Naw you gud you got to much goin on for me" serina said and with that we left.

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