Chapter Three-Bonded

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Under the boards was Schetcher. He gazed at the other Council members. And he knew that they were angry.

"You haven't done it".

"Why should I do that?". The Angel stared at them. It red colored eyes illumed the High Demon Angels' faces, as if they were a nuisance.

"Because some of us have seen too many bondings between humans and Demons. And Fallen Angels bonding with humans".

"Well, what do you want?".


"Shaemon, I know you're upset. But time for-".

"Time is short. Do as you're told. And de-bond them". Shaemon yelled. Schetcher blinked. He nodded, and grabbed his spell book.

"I shall do what you request". He bowed, then watched them glide away. The temperature dropped, as he was grateful to be alive...when others of his kind were sacrificed for offending the Higher Demons.

He took a long, deep breath...and begun the spell.

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