Emilys gone!

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Chapter 12:Emily's gone!

The next morning I was sitting at my desk at school with a blank face on me. We had to start brainstorming on our new writing assignment we had to do.BOOM I automatically new exactly was I was gonna write a story about. I was gonna write about how dreams are real and how they can come true! I did a lot of brainstorming for that block of school.

At first recess I ran as fast as I could to all my friends."Hey, guys are you ready to TALK TALK TALK!"I say excitingly."TALK TALK TALK about what?"Catherine asks."Didn't Emily tell you we were gonna talk about something important?"I ask well suddenly realizing Emily is not here.Everyone nods."Where's Emily?, she always meets us here?, she should of just told us if she wanted to go play soccer with the boys this recess?"I ask."Well-Ummm Emily had-ah important thing she -had to to"Mia stutters."Bu-but she suspificly told me that she would not miss this important meeting,Where is she?"I say."She won't tell us ,all she said was she won't be going to school , we just suspected she was going on vacation or something"Monica explains.

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