Chapter 2

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Fiona's POV


I just ran. Two minutes later, I saw the big, brick building. James P. Sullivan High School ,it read.

The clock outside read 7:23 am. I had seven minutes. I usually would walk to class with my best friend, Asher. He would always be late to his classes because he insisted on bringing me in to my classes on time. We only had four classes together but they would always be after lunch. I found him at my locker. He gave me his two-finger salute and walked towards me with a confused face.

" What's wrong, Fi? Despite your straight face, you look hurt."

" I'm fine physically. But... don't freak out. I broke up with Xavier today. He cheated on me. He is a bastard. "

"I"m gonna break his face. The bastard. How could he do this to you? You liked him so much!"

This was weird. I've broken up with lots of guys before, but he was acting especially angry.

" Forget about it. I'm fine. I didn't love him. The only boy I love is you, remember?"

" You better." He said.

I laughed at this. We always flirted like this when people weren't around. We kiss sometimes too, but it doesn't mean anything.

He began to take my hand and pull me away from the lockers. He brought me to his Cherry Red Harley Davidson and after about ten minutes, we were at the loft.

Our loft is spacious, but small. It is decorated with things that we found and murals that Asher painted. He is working on one in the game room.

He turned on the TV and then turned to me.

" Rocky Road or Cookie Dough?"


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