Chapter 4

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Al's face didn't seem to change, he thought she was messing around with him. He just laughed as if nothing was wrong.

"Good one, babe. Now, hang up the phone", Al said with an apologetic tone but a smile on his face.

Alice slowly slipped the phone down from her ear and shut it closed. She didn't bother making eye contact with Al, seeing as what she's done was and is absolutely unforgivable.

Al's smile fell, realizing that she wasn't joking. Alice opened her mouth to speak, softly, and in a calm voice.

"Al. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. But, Luciano just seemed better than you. He gave me real love instead of faking it. He touches me the way I want and like. He treats me better and he's the one that deserves my love. Not you."

Alice gave a short little speech of protest. She looked Al dead in the eye, not afraid of any consequences. Oliver was completely dumbfounded, shocked that his own friend would do and say such things. Al stood there the same way, his mouth agap. Alice tried to continue, but Al interupted her harshly.

"Shut up. Just shut the hell up, Alice. I don't wanna hear another word come out of your mouth". 

You could tell he was holding back, trying to control his anger. His hands clenched into fists.

"Alfie, I-", Alice tried to start. But before she could say anything else, the back of Al's hand flew across her face, allowing a loud smack to echo throughout the room. 

Alice squealed in pain, letting her tears stream. But, she wasn't the only emotional one. Al, too, was allowing himself to cry. He yelled as tears fell from his crimson eyes one by one.

"I gave you everything! Everything, Alice! You of all people should know that I don't just give my heart out like it's fucking candy! You earned it yourself because you impressed me enough thatI thought you deserved the only heart I have! How dare you waste it away like it meant nothing to you. Who the fuck do you think you are, huh?!"

Al was furious. He rolled his eyes and smiled, feeling like a total idiot.

"What did you plan on doing had I found out on my own? Hell, what if that damn Italian told me himself?! What would you do then, Alice? Huh? What would you do?!"

"Now, that's not fair, Al!", Alice exclaimed, pointing at Al in anger.

"Oh! But cheating on your boyfriend is.", Al said. He shook his head and pointed to the door, glaring at Alice with hatful eyes.

"Get out...", he said in a casual voice. 

Alice's sniffles could be heard as she grabbed her things and ran out of the front door.

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