Chapter 6 ~ The Lead

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“Trey I don’t have anywhere else to look James just totally disappeared into thin air!”

“Nicka that’s impossible.”     

“I know Trey but by now we should’ve had a lead we have men all over Boston!”

“Just calm down babe, we will find him.” Ebhann said sitting down in a leather chair.

“Why don’t you call your dad?” Erin asked sitting down in another chair.

“That’s it, Trey what’s dad’s number?”

After I got my father’s number I called it. If anybody knew where James was it would be him. The phone rang three times before he finally picked up.

“Hello?” he asked on the other line.

“Hey dad it’s me”

“One minute James” I heard him whisper .

“What the fuck dad where are you? Is James ok? Where the heck are you?”

Everybody was looking at me, all with questioning looks on their faces.


“Sorry Nicka I think we are breaking up gotta go!” He said while there was crinkling on the other line.

“Dad the potato chip bag is like yesterdays news and so lame! So tell me where…”

Clink. I heard his line go out. I looked at Ebhann, “Get Levi Now!” She ran out of the room as fast as she could.

“What happened?” Trey asked.

“I think he was with James, I think we got a lead!”

“Did he say where he was?” Erin asked

“No, he didn’t. I think he’s hiding something from me.”

At that moment Ebhann came running in dragging Levi (literally dragging Levi). “He’s here the worlds a better place!” Ebhann yelled.

I raised my eyebrow “are you still drunk?” I asked.

“Nicka the freaking phone call!” Trey yelled.

“Oh, yeah. Levi can you track down the location of a phone call I just made? It might lead to James.”

“Just give me your phone and I’ll get to work.” He said sitting down at my computer. I gave him my phone, and he plugged it into the computer.

“This may take a while” he said, and got to work.

After three hours I couldn’t take the waiting anymore, so I went up to visit Quinn. I walked up to his room to find him playing with his train set.

“Hey bud” I said walking in.

“Hi momma!” he squealed and ran over to me. I took him in my arms and flung him around.

“Can I play trains with you?” I asked.

“Of course” he said and sat down.

I sat next to him and for about an hour I threw all my problems behind me and played with my son.

“Nicka we found the location!” Erin yelled up the stairs.

I looked at Quinn. “Listen I have to Quinn if I don’t see you until tomorrow just remember that I love you.”

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