Captured Chapter 8

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    Vampires surrounded us.

               Oh crap!

    "Hey Meggie" Silver whispers to me.

   "Yeah dude?" I whisper back to him.

    "We are so dead!" he says

    Vampires fly toward us. I figure its not going to hurt if I try something, except maybe the vampires. I start running around screaming pixie dust. Silver is using karate skills to defend himself. He looks at me funny then yells. "Meggie, whatever you're smoking..." I yell pixie dust then laughing seeing how convenient it was for me to yell that at that time.

      "Please, get off it and help me get these bi***es off me!" Silver yells after taking a laugh too. I didn't feel like it but I helped anyway. "Well then" I huffed "pixie dust!" I said and threw my arms in the air and the vampires were gone.

        Yes! We did it!

     "You didn't win yet Silver Crystal!" She yelled excited. "Did I say that you could use my full name?" Silver says smirking.

      "You insolent brat!" she yelled getting mad then disappeared.

       "Where's she at?" I say wondering around in a circle.

        "I don't know."

      "Well figure it out!"

        "MAGIC YOU BUMBLEBEE IDIOT!" I yell at him trying to make him use magic.

        "I AM NOT! AND ITS BUMBLING IDIOT NOT BUMBLEBEE YOU WEIRDO!" Silver yells at me while we fight during this big battle.

       "OHHH WHAT'D YOU CALL ME WHY IMMA!" I say be to him.

      We stop fighting when we here a voice. "Funny how you forget all about me and start fighting." Mary says no where to be found. "Yes Silver, correct it is me." I'm guessing she read his mind. "Well I only have to remind you every four seconds!" Mary yells, I quess Silver forgot that she's a mind reader.

      "Show yourself!" Silver yells to the sky. She responds in a dark, cold, evil voice. "I'd rather not ,but I'll show you to your cells." She says with her voice filling our esrs. We both looked around with no one here. Silver got an alarmed look on his face. "Meggie move she's going to open a portal." I spun around to look at him then I started at the ground.

     A green portal opened filling what was the sidewalk. We both started to run away but not in time. We got sucked up by the portal and spun into the darkness of the unexpected. I heard the deep dark laughter of Mary fill the wall of the vortex and I see her peer down at us. Thats one of the last things that I remember happening.

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