Please Jack [Jack Frost Lemon]

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[So this is a Jack FrostXReader fanfiction. I am open to criticism :)]

The water flowed down your body, misty clouds of steam swirling around your face. You sighed blissfully as it made contact with your skin, then dripped off into the shower.

It had been several minutes of you just standing there, and you figured you should at least start washing. You reach for the soap, but stop dead when a familiar voice rings out through the bathroom.

"Let me do that."

You whirl around, forgetting to cover yourself up and come face to face with the one you've been crushing on for weeks.

"J-Jack! What are you doing in here!?" You yell at the sight of him standing there on the other side of the curtain. He doesn't answer, just simply let's his gaze travel down to your body. Feeling embarrassed and exposed, you pull the curtain between his eyes and your body.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" He asked, looking back at your face. You feel your cheeks flush and look awkwardly to the ground.

"No..." You reply quietly. Jack smiles slightly and moves forward. Before you know how you feel about this, you see him taking his blue hoodie off.

Underneath is only his pale skin and toned muscles. Jack catches you staring and your face goes redder, if that was even possible. Seeing as you hadn't yet protested, he drops his jeans without asking.

"[Y/N], I want you. But only if you want me." He says, now only standing inches away from you, the curtain the only thing in his way. You bite your lip, looking at his mouth. After settling the mental war in your head, you nod.

Jack smiles and gently takes the curtain from your hand. His eyes never leave yours as he drops it and pushes it aside. Your eyes become wide as you realize he already has an erection; and it's huge.

"J-Jack I'm not sure anymore.."

"Just wait a few seconds... If you still want me to stop, I will." He says, stepping into the shower. You didn't realize you were physically moving backward until the cold tiles of the shower touched your back.

"O... Okay." You agree to the deal, giving his permission to lean into your lips. Like the tiles, his lips are like ice against yours.

His hands move to your hips and around to your lower back, never breaking the kiss. Jack moves slowly at first, working into your mouth. After only seconds, you catch on to his rhythm and move your mouth along- until he unexpectedly nibbles on your bottom lip. You unintentionally moan, granting his tongue access. Now he moves it faster, exploring every space in your mouth until it has all been claimed.

You slide your hands up his arms and around his shoulders until they rest around his neck. Jack moves his head to your neck and begins alternating between kissing, licking and sucking. He continues this movement all the way down to your breast. He looks up at you as he takes your hardened nipple into his mouth. You moan at the very sight of him doing so, and rest your hands on his shoulders.

Your eyes flutter, struggling to keep open as he swirls his tongue around it and pulls you closer to him by the hips. Suddenly, his touch is gone. You open your eyes to find him standing above you, looking down at you expectantly.

"Still want me to stop?" He asks, dead serious. You shake your head furiously and place a lingering kiss on his lips. You feel his smile spreading and he begins to grind against you. You moan, feeling his cool body against everything.

Jacks hands find their way to your bottom and he gives a gentle squeeze before lifting you up by your thighs. Your body is pinned against the cool tiles and Jack's freezing body, but you can't help feeling hot.

He supports your body with one arm while his other hand cups your throbbing sex. First, he simply massages your clit, given it a tiny pinch now and then.

You know what's about to come next, and you want it more than anything. He slides a finger inside of you, smirking at how wet you are. He slowly starts to pump his finger in and out of you. You clench your teeth and hold his shoulders tighter.

"More!" You say, suddenly feeling embarrassed that you had been so demanding. Jack didn't seem to mind, but he stopped his movement.

"Where are your manners, [Y/N]?" He asks, smiling.

"P-please Jack... More!" You yell. He inserts a second finger, pumping faster than before. You moan loudly, digging your nails into his back.

Jack then removes his fingers, but before you could protest, he pushes his member inside of you. You gasp, and he lets you adjust to his size before proceeding.

He starts off slowly, as he always did, sliding in as deep as he could before pulling out just as slow. You rock your hips slightly faster than his, giving him extreme pleasure.

"Faster." You say, your eyes rolling back.

"What's that?" He asks.

"Please Jack! Faster!" You scream, much to his approval. He speeds up his movements, thrusting faster. The steady sounds develop a pattern as his skin meets yours, and your skin meets the wall. He begins to moan, a deep sexy sound that turns you on more than ever before.

"[Y/N], I- I'm so close" it barely comes out a moan, but he says it. He pushes into you as deep as possible and You both finish screaming in bliss as his body lets out a shudder. Jack kisses you again before he pulls out and sets you down.

"So glad you didn't stop." You say, kissing his cheek.

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