I felt guilty for hurting Nathan like that. I didn't meant to. I did felt angry but it wasn't their fault, I knew that. It just hurt that.... Heidi is having another baby but not mine. I am being selfish here. I hate seeing her cry or even sad. I love her and she loves me back and she said it in front of Nathan and the other lads. When I looked at him and he wasn't surprise. He knew Heidi still have feelings for me. I know he can make her more happy than I did in the past. I regret listening to Eleanor that Heidi did need me. I knew Heidi to well to know that. I will fight for her. I will make her mine.  

I snap out of my thoughts when I heatd a knock in my room. We all decided to buy a house here and wait for Sierra. She's coming with us to London but stupid her, she hadn't told Heidi about it. What a good friend she is. Note the sarcasm. I got out of my bed and went to open the door reveling Liam. I was surprise because he's pissed at me for beating up Nathan. I should give him a call. It's been two days. I am calm now. 

"Liam?" I finally said. I day dream a lot give me some slack. 

"Louis, we brought pizzas and movies wanna come down and hang with us." Ok since two days I have been in my room not talk to the lads. I did eat, Harry would bring them up for me. Good friend I know. I started to think. I should go. I miss talking to the lads. Maybe talkimg to them will keep my mind off of Heidi.  I smile and nodded.

"Sounds great. I will be down there in a little." 

"Great, we will see you down there." When he left, I close the door. I picked up my cell and called Nather. Ok weird nickname I know, but James seems to like that nickname for him and so did Stella. They would giggle every time I say Nathan's name like that.  



 Super short I know but I hope u like it tho. I will update tomorrow.  

--- Heidi ♡♥♡♥♡♥

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