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We bury the bodies. Negative energies swirl through the camp, or at least more than usual.

I'm sitting on top of my van, sipping the tea Lori made when Carol marches into the clearing.

"Jim's been bit!" She yells. Everyone's heads snap to face Jim. He's been acting weird lately, digging random holes, getting overtired easily, getting aggravated at the drop of a hat, and just acting sick all day.

Daryl stomps toward Jim, with the axe he's been using to prevent reanimation of the dead. "Let's get this over with." He begins to swing the axe.

"Hey! Whoa, whoa whoa!" Shane shouts. Daryl swings the axe at Shane instead and he dodges it easily. Rick and Shane both work together to pin Daryl to the ground.

"We do not kill the living!" Rick fights. The group and Jim finally come to the consent that we will leave him to die under the shade of a tree.

Then comes the next problem. What next.

Humans need some sort of motivation, whether cold hard evidence or false hope. We need something to work up to, not just keep living bland lives.

"The CDC." Rick randomly mentions a couple hours after Jim's ambush.

"The what?" I ask, jumping down from the top of Dale's RV.

"The Center for Disease Control. They were supposed to be developing a cure for the infection there. No one really heard from them for a while." Glenn answers.

"Oh, right. The one in Phoenix kinda, shut down. Half the workers were massacred in an attack then, the rest just gave up." I tuck a piece of long dark brown hair behind my ear.

"Is Atlanta's still up?" Jacqui asks nervously.

"It's worth a try. What have we gotta lose?" Glenn shrugs. I nod in agreement and he smiles over at me.

"Uh, LIVES are what we gotta lose. This is too risky, Rick." Lori shakes her head in disagreement.

"Would you rather just sit around and wait to slowly be worn down?" I hold out my arms and look around.

We argue back and forth for a good twenty minutes.

"Alright. Pack up, we're going to the CDC." Rick announces.

"Um, Rick?" A small voice chimes in. It's Morales. "I think we're gonna... go our separate ways." He motions to his family. We all say our goodbyes as they pack up their car.

The drive down the road to "drop off" Jim is a quiet, lonely one. I sit on the bench next the old chipped table in Dale's RV. Dale slowly screeches to a stop and we all shuttle out of the vehicles.

I focus on my toes stomping the gravel covering the dirt, to stop from crying. How could they do this to a living being? I, once again, and reminded of Kat's death. I would've given anything to save my baby sister. My life, my father's life... Anything. And they're just sparing their own lives because "it's too inch of a risk"? I decided to keep my mouth shut during the discussion, considering I've spent them another trouble.

Jim is sat down and the group says their goodbyes. I never truly got to know Jim, so I just nod and pat his knee, assuming he'll understand. I quickly walk back the the RV, squeezing my temples and praying for his soul.

We depart and I decide to lift my head to see Jim. I regret it the second I moved my muscles and fight back the tears. What a great time to be alive. Surrounded by death, cannibalism and the pure sickness that has become the human race.

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