Chapter 3

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Al's girlfriend? How in the hell does that even work?! So many things were running around in your mind at one time. But, for some odd reason, you felt your heart stop for a split second. You didn't know why, but it happened. There's no way in hell you could actually be jealous of Alice! You had only known Al for a day! Not to mention you already had your heart broken once already.

"Alfie, where've you been all day? I came by almost every hour and you weren't home", Alice whined in a child's tone.

'Alfie? That's kind of...cute', you thought to yourself. You shook your head. 'Stop it ______! You're not falling for him'.

Al kissed Alice's cheek before affecionately brushing her hair back behind her ear.

"Babe, please don't call me 'Alfie'. It's so...unmanly. Anyways, I need to talk to _______ really quick. Go ahead and make more cupcakes with Oliver, okay?", he asked with a gentle voice and soft smile.

He was almost like a completely different person around her! He was sweet, affecionate, caring, gentle, and what's more, he actually gave a smile. 'This is definately unreal. Yup. I'm in a dream'. Unfortunately, you were wide awake.

Alice agreed to the leave and skipped out. It was weird, but she looked like she could be Oliver's twin sister. If Al didn't even like Arthur, why was he dating Alice?

Al closed the door after the girl skipped out, looking at you with those aggressive, crimson eyes again. You decided it was time to stop being afraid of that glare and give him. A look back. You scowled at him with your (e/c) eyes, and he seemed impressed by your straight forward move.

"What did you want to talk to me about...Alfie~?", you tauntingly let out. You gave him a smirk, knowing that he hated being called such a nickname.

His eye twitched slightly in frustration as he grit his teeth to keep from bursting out. Wow, he really did hate being calle that.

"First of all, never call me that. It pisses me off. Second, I wanted to ask you something".

You nodded and sat back down on Al's bed.

"Sure. What's up?", you asked.

"How can you tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you?", Al asked in a straight forward tone.

There was no fluctuation in his voice at all. How the hell should you, of all people, know?! You watched a show back at home once and they were talking about the signs of a cheater: Distant, uninterested, excessive clinginess, no sexual interaction. The list went on, but a cheater could have one or more of those symptoms.

As you sat there speechless and in thought, Al continued.

"Alice has been more clingy and obsessive than usual. She doesn't tackle me to the ground like that very often, and when sahe does, it's because she wants my body parts to put in her cupcakes of death. Like Arthur".

Did he suspect Alice to be cheating on him? With who?! The only thing you've even witnessed was all the lovey-dovey stuff she just did. She seemed pretty happy to see her BOYFRIEND. Who wouldn't, right?

"She and I also haven't fucked since...", he counted on his fingers, looking up at the ceiling to try and find the memory, "...February", he finished.

February!? It's August now! How do you go that long without the feeling of your partner? Well, it's not like you knew. You were still a virgin.

"Well", you started, "I was watching a show a few days ago about how you can spot out a cheater. She has 2 out of many. If you suspect something, bring it up with her privately".

You felt pretty damn smart for suggesting that. Al nodded, seemingly taking your advice to heart.

He immediately walked out of the room and into the kitchen. You followed behind in curiosity. You hoped he wasn't going to do something stupid. He approached Alice, who was baking with Oliver, and got in her face with a smile.

"So, Alice. Who're you sleeping with and what's his name?", Al asked her casually.

You stood there, your mouth agap before facepalming. 'This idiot', you thought.

Alice stopped what she was doing and just looked Al in the eye, confused and slightly scared.

"Wh-what do you mean, Alfie? I'm sleeping with you. Who else?", Alice squeaked out. Nerves were heard in her throat, as if holding something back.

Al was only joking, but he just kept going.

"We haven't had sex since Valentine's Day, babe. Now, tell me the truth before I get real angry!", Al forced himself to hold back his laughter. You could here breaths of air escape from behind his lips.

Alice went quiet. 'Wait, what?!' Alice wasn't really cheating, was she? She pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number, putting the device up to her ear. Tears started to roll down her cheek and Al tilted her chin up, only letting out a small chuckle.

"Alice, I'm just messing with you", he said sweetly.

On the other line was a male voice. It sounded way too familiar, but, then again, the only word he said was 'hello' in a questioning tone.

Alice lifted the speaker end to her mouth. She was looking straight in Al's eyes when she said words that nobody expected to hear.

"Luciano, he found out".

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