Ch 4

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Kian P.O.V.

We walked in as I heard Connor, Ricky, and Trevor say bye to someone. Filming? Younow? Skype? I bet you a million bucks they were skyping Katie. They just couldn't wait till we got home. Jc just needs some closure. Ya that's the right word. Then we all went to eat dinner and just chill.

Connor's P.O.V.

"So, how's it going Jc?" I asked.

"Ok I guess." Jc said.

"Whats the matter Little Justin?" Ricky questioned.

"It's just that I miss her ok." Jc said.

"Dude we all do and how do you think Melissa and. Nicole fell I mean they are her best friends. They also have been calling her and talking ever since she has left." Kian said.

"Look Jc we just skyped Katie and she had to go to sleep but he's what she had to say." Trevor said as he pulled up a video of Katie talking.

*video of Katie Talking*

Hi Jc!! I miss you like crazy and I just want to talk to you!! Call me in the morning and we will Skype later tomorrow night ok? I want to tell you sooo many things. Like I want you to meet my roommate, I want to show you my room, the campus, AND EVERYTHING!! Well I'm gonna go to bed now babe and I love you!! *blows kiss* Bye Jc.

*end of video*

Jc P.O.V.

"Well?" Connor said

"I just need to talk to her that's it?" I said.

"Exactly, she doesn't want you to come over there every weekend. She just wants to talk." Sam said.

"Thanks guys it's really means a lot." I told the guys.

"Welcome!" They all said.

Then we all talked and then I went to bed. I took out my phone and..

*txt convo with Jc and Katie*

Jc: love you so much it hurts and I'll Skype you around six your time. 😘


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Katie 😘

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