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Uzumaki Clan's Rebirth ch1 to ch9

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"I refuse." Naruto announced to a slack-jawed Jiraiya.

"What..what do you mean you 'refuse'?!"

"I'm not going training with you, I have other things to do." Naruto explained to the Sage, he refused to go on the two year training trip.

He had other things to do then waste his time with this pervert, he had to learn how to control it, he had to learn how to harness it. If he could do that, then he would make his mother, the Uzumaki clan, and the lost Whirlpool country proud, and he would do it.

"How can you have better things to do than train with The Toad Sage of Konoha!?" Naruto shrugged, this guy could get on someone's nerves.

"I said no, goodbye Jiraiya." Naruto jumped off the roof of the Hokage building, leaving behind a shocked toad man.

Naruto ran through the streets and saw the looks of disgust and hatred that most villagers directed at him. He ignored them, as far as he was concerned, Konoha was dead to him. They never did anything for him, even when he tried so hard to earn their respect, all they did was spit on him.

'Not for much longer though..'

Naruto arrived home and got out of the orange jumpsuit that had begun to make him cringe at the very sight of it. Sure, he liked orange and all, but not a full jumpsuit of it, he needed something else, luckily he already found something. Naruto walked into his bedroom and looked around, everything seemed so plain, so normal. He smirked, looks could always be deceiving.

From the door, he walked to the center of the room and knelt down to what appeared to be just another wooden plank in the floorboard. He cut his finger and pressed it onto the wood, it lit up the darkened room for a few seconds before an unlatching sound could be heard and Naruto moved the plank out of the way. Inside of the small opening was a box, or a bunch of smaller boxes that Naruto had only looked at a few times before, but today, he would look through each.

He reached down and picked each of them out one at a time, in a way he felt like a kid getting christmas presents. The only thing he had actually opened before was the letter on top of the first box, and Naruto thought to reread it before beginning. The letter was worn from age, but it held the definite Uzumaki seal, the seal of his mother's clan. He opened the letter again and read each word slowly and carefully, making sure he understood what his mother was telling him before delving any deeper into his clan's past.

'Naruto, if you are reading this message, then I am dead. We asked the Third if he would give you this apartment specifically when you could live on your own, so I know that you will find this letter someday. I am your mother, Uzumaki Kushina, and I have some things to tell you that will affect your future and possibly change your outlook on a few things.

First, you hold the Kyuubi inside of you, you are it's jailer, it's keeper. You are a hero Naruto, no matter what anyone tells you, it is because of you that Konoha still stands today. I have disagreed with your father on whether to seal him inside of you or not, but in the end, it was too late for any other choice. I also disagreed with the Third when he said that you should never be told of the Kyuubi, for how can you stop him if you don't know he exists? I love you Naruto, and so does your father, we know that you are not the demon and that you never will be.

My clan, our clan, the Uzumaki's are an old clan of Whirlpool country, a small but powerful country indeed. The Uzumaki were the village leaders and most if not all of the citizens were from a branch family of our own. Branch families still held their original family name, but took up the Uzumaki lineage as we we were often at war with Kirigakure for land rights, and I grew up in the conflict.

Our people have a strong bloodline, one that awakens near adolescence, it will give you power that many have never seen, but you must learn to control it.

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