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I've always wanted to know where I can from, and whom I came from. I, Zendaya Maree Stormaer Coleman did NOT come from Claire Coleman. You wanna know how I know? It all went down like this.

                              *FLASHBACK STARTS*

"Zendaya, honey can you please go get the ladder from the attic?" Dad asked. "Sure." I replied. There was just one thing- I was scared to go in by myself. I tiptoed quietly down the creaking steps to the attic.

I looked. "Ouch!" I screamed, as I fell over something. I looked at the title of the mini book. It read 'The days of adoption'. Mom was adopted. I started to read carefully and slowly.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1999

Me and Kazembe arrive at the nursery. Sleeping baby's all around. We wanted a baby ever since, but never had luck. So, we decided to adopt one. We gave up. We looked around, then we saw the cutest baby ever! She had a mix of black and white skin, with hazel eyes, and curly hair. I picked her up. "Let's adopt her." I told Kazembe. Let's look at her information that was left by the parents.




I thought Zendaya was a unique name. "Zendaya. Zendaya means to 'to give thanks' in my language." Kazembe said. We were soo thankful for her.

"Zendaya! What's taking you so long?" Dad yelled. I stopped reading, and put the little book where I can find it again. So, I'm adopted?? Who's my real mom?? Why did she let me go? Doesn't she love me??!I thought as I brought the ladder to dad. I went to my room, and started to cry softly. I grabbed my iPod, and started to play Beyoncé's new album.

I didn't wanna tell anyone about my encounter.

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