the diamond necklace

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"I want to play freeze tag" madie said in a very high piched voive "no no no no no I want to play zobie tag"  rylee argued. it was a beautiful day at are elementry school. no clouds. no wind, no rain , no snow just sun. its hard to have 8 friends that like to play different things at recess.  So I'll tell you about the rest my friends. Rylee can see monsters and she is also Courtney's sister. Courtney can talk to ghosts. Alexander can communicate with animals. Isabella is addicted to her phone so she likes to talk like she's texting . Ashley is addicted to cheerleading and she can't stop doing the splits. maya always has to be right . Maddie like to crawl. Clementine like dancing in twinkle toes. And last but not least me I love to write.

Okay let's get back 2 the story . ding ding ding . "Great another recess where  we argue the whole time"alexandra stomped away we started heading up to the bathroom and do what we do every day have a party before the 2nd bell rings. " ewww whats so sticky?" maya complaint "remember you read the thing online about keeping ice cream in your pocket" rylee remembered " oh yeah I read that if you keep ice cream in your pocket it would keep it cold" maya burst out

when we got to the bathroom we all started emptying mayas ice cream into the trash. yuk I thought. then the intercom said. " this is an important message stay where you're at in Hyde nobody can be seen someone is breaking into the building everybody hide." we all looked at each other. "me first" Rylee jumped head first into the trash can . "I read online that if you hide in a trash can you wont be found." she jumped in to. "H A HA lol u luk tots redick im like so not like jumping like in like that dirty little thing." Isabella pleated "hey look an iphon 12"rylee teased and that did it isabella jumped right in "ew I think I landed in mayas ice cream . Alexandera hid under the sink. clem ashley and I went into the bathroom stalls.  "its my mom she needs my help" Courtney ran out chasing the ghost of her mom. "im coming with" madie cried. all you could hear was them screaming as they came running down the hall.

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