Here comes le boom

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.While on a public restroom, making grunting noises (Like your constipated 🙀)

.Keep a pair of black sunglasses in your pocket, and when someone says that your doing something wrong, take them out, put them on, cross your arms, then say "DEAL with it"

.(For Doctor Who lovers)

Walk around saying in a robot voice, "Donna Noble, has been saved.", repeatedly.

.Pretend your a dog in public places. Like walking on your hands and knees, barking, and jiggling/wagging your butt 👻

.Say everything as a question. Example-I like pie??

.Meow at the worst of times, or just meow occasionally

.Go up to a random person, grab their hair then smell it, then ask them what kind of conditioner they use.

.Argue with everything

.Tell story's about you and your imaginary friend

.Whenever someone proves you wrong, pick up a stick, make buzzing noises while "scanning" them with your "mind eraser", then scream, "YOU KNOW NOTHING"

.Whip your hair back and forth everywhere you go

.Become a sass pants

.Talk like a Vally Girl

.Talk on your banana/hand phone

.Put fake lotion on wherever you go

.Wear everything backwards

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