Chapter 8

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Hailey pov

I was in a graceful sleep till my stupid alarm woke me up. Ugh! I got up and dressed in my skinny black jeans and a lightly tight red 3/4 length top that had red lace for sleeves. I straightened my hair and applied my make up. Hot topic I'm on my way. I walked down the hall to see Lauren who wakes up a hour earlier than me dresses in a pair of jeans with a long sleeve Aeropostale V neck that had pink and white stripes across it. She had two cups of coffee ready for me and her. Right after me came karolee running in. She had on a pencil skirt, lace black tights , and a purple too that hugged her chest where her boobs practically fell out.... Last but not Least Carlee walked in hair straightened. She wore a black tight top like mine and dark blue skinny jeans with grey uggs. Karolee grabbed a protien shake and Carlee got water. "Ready?" I asked them all. They nodded. We all walked out. We have one car since budgets tight. It was small but had four seats so enough for all of us. Once we got there we went our seprate ways. As soon as I walked in I saw my creepy manger."hailey your looking ravishing as always." He said . He was like 5 years older than me but I couldn't lose this job. "Thank you Ryan." I responded goin behind the counter if hot topic. He walked away to the backroom. My friend cara who's lesbian walke up to me. She was nice she wore a little too much make up tho. "He's such a creep around you like seriously." She commented. "No shit. As long as he doesn't touch me I'm fine." "That's good." "Yea." All the sudden the door opened and two guys walked in with hoodies. "Hey I'll take care of them can you go put away the new head phone sets?" I asked cara she just smiled and nodded. I walked up to the two guys and said things like can I help you. And they both looked up. Zayn and Liam.? "Yea." They said. My eyes widened and we walked back near a wall. There was only like 3 other Coustmers in the store. I think their safe. "What are you doing here?" I asked them acting like I was getting some tips off a shelf. "Got boerd and you said you guys worked here. Zayns bout to go piss your cousin off tho." Liam said I couldn't help but giggle. Carlees easy to piss off. "She's at the music 101 store." I said Zayn nodded and walked out. "So you gonna buy anything?" I asked. "Umm." He was starting to say but got cut off. "Hailey. Why r u talking to your friend and not workin. Ya kno I could make you work in storage with me. If you can't keep your priorities straight." Ryan said "Actually I'm buying these shirts for my girlfriend around her size and I. Needed help." Liam said defending me before i got in trouble. He looked at liam skeptically. "Okay then I'm sorry." He said. "Thanks." i muttered handing me shorts to buy. "No problem. He's a creep."

Liam said. "No kidding" I laughed walking over to the register.

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