Family Cont.

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Well you guys turns out almost all of Chapter 10 just disapeared into thin air so im having to rewrite it. hope its good cause I honestly cant remember every detail since im kind of a make it up as I go kind of author lol Anywayz so sorry Wattpad decided to s*rew me over but here is my attempt to recreate Chapter 10....


Liam gave her a dazzling smile, "Of course we did! Don't tell me you doubted my skills?"

Annora's smile widened as she rolled her eyes. God was she glad they were back. Did these idiots have any idea how much they meant to her? Probably not since they were so damn reckless all the time.

Ugh that made her angry, they were her family now. weird I know since they've only know eachother for 2 years but she loved them all. Even serious, emotionless Michael had a special place in her heart. They could have gotten themselves killed last night and here they were laughing like nothing bad had happened. Well good for them, its not like she had worried herself sick or anything.

"Don't ever do that to me again!" she scolded giving them all disapproving glares.

Everyone seemed shocked by her sudden outburst, except Luke of course who spewed coke out onto the carpet trying but failing to contain his laughter.

"Annora it really wasn't that bad. I was just kidding about the almost escaping death thing," Liam soothed.

Seriously?. Annora put her head in her hands sighing softly.

Kyle got up and made his way over to her. "Hey babe dont be mad. I know you were worried about us. But...," he said his voice going from apologetic to excited. " We got you something."

Annora looked up then. Kyle pulled out a small box from his jacket pocket, "Happy Early Birthday" he told her holding out the box.

Annora had completely forgot about her birthday. She would be eighteen tomorrow. It really didnt seem like it had been two years already.

Annora smiled taking the box, Kyle must have wrapped it himself and everything considered it was covered in duct tape.

She couldnt help but think of all they had done for her. Annora knew she wouldnt truly ever be safe, Alpha Robert was still out there somewhere but the guys made her feel protected, loved, cherished even. She had never really had that before. The guys treated her like a beloved little sister. Only Luke knew her story, of what happened that terrible night. He didn't look at her with disgust or pity but with understanding and had assured her that bastard would never find her.

Kyle cleared his thought. Annora blushed realizing she had been staring at the box in her hands.

"Open it," he said nodding to the box.

"What and ruin your beautiful work?" she teased.

Kyle blushed at her joke.

"Just open the damn thing," he growled.

"Fine." Annora didnt miss that all the guys straightened up and inched closer as soon as she tore the paper.

What could it be that would make them so excited?

Annora held a small black box in her hands. Jewelry? she thought.

Taking a deep breath she opened it.


Inside the box was a folded piece of paper. That can't be right.

Annora picked it up from the box and gave them all questioning glances.

Michael gave her a half smile and nodded his head for her to continue.

Ok you guys its not nearly as good as the original! I just for the life of me couldnt remember everything :D
Feeling really insecure about this chapter now so please let me know what you think! Love ya Xx

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