The beating

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"Mrs Field" I said very nervously Mrs Field is our school Principal "I didn't realise you were standing around the corner"

"Do you care to tell me what you were talking about"

Oh great, not again, this time I just hope Emma doesn't walk around the corner

"Well for the past 2 years" I said very quietly

I was interrupted by Emma, what do you know, who came running around the corner in such a hurry.

" Some one has been hit by a car out the front of the school and can't move, come quick" she said in such a disappointed voice.

I knew it was a joke just so she could bully me behind Mrs Fields back, that bitch.

oh on she keeps teasing me how I have to se a counsellor.


OMG I just slapped Emma in the face, run!!!......

Emma came running after, I ran past Mrs Field who did nothing but look for the person who was hit, I ran past her then ran as fast as I could to my house.

That stupid dog, I tripped over a stray dog and Emma grabbed my shirt and started slapping my face.

OW that hurt, she had pinned up against a fence, she started pouncing my stomach, the last thing she did to me hurt the most, she found a steel pole and whacked it across the back of my knee, which caused me to fall to the ground.

Emma ran off laughing

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