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you and zayn were cuddling together. The next day you saw zayn kissing another girl but you were so upset u took a picture. At 7 p.m he came to your house he excitedly yelled out y/n are you here you slowly walk down the stairs . Zayn scarily said babe what's wrong. You were furious you said ZAYN YOU DON'T BABE  WHAT'S WRONG ME zayn yelled at you DON'T YOU TALK IN THAT TONE AT ME and you sadly took out your phone and showed the picture as tear came down he grimed As zayn said so you were spying on me you slapped him as hard as you could he got really furious he slapped you back as you fell at the floor he said im so sorry y/n you crawled backwards not with anger but with fear . Harry walked inside and saw you he shoved zayn and got on his knees and stared at you he grab your chin and lifted your face you had a black eye and blood comming out of your cheek but harry carried you to the car to his house

Tommrow ill do part 2

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