chapter 3

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Forehead pounding, temples throbbing. One cop slowly approaches me. He stands just about two feet away from me, studying what seems to be my state of mind. 

"Ma'am, I need you to tell me what happened here. We need to start an investigation as soon as possible ans we can'y do that unless you give us a steady idea on what happened here tonight." The police officer had deep brown eyes that were starring right into mine. He ran his long, lanky fingers through his dark, fuzzy hair. He then looked down at his feet, waiting for me to reply to him and trying to find the right time to make eye contact with me again. I wasn't prepared to look at him again and have him ask me a question that I wasn't prepared to answer. I couldn't answer the questions because I don't even know what happened. I couldn't figure it out; I was trying to sort through all the jumbled thoughts in my head. All I know is, the cops are here and I'm going to get into some major trouble. 

How could something like this happen? How could everything get so out of control? We just wanted to have fun, but things clearly got out of hand. It's all my fault. 

"If we could pick up the damn pace here, that'd be nice!" the police officers were bickering at each other, becoming anger and almost... scared? 

"It's not as easy as it seems. These kids were traumatized. They don't know how to handle what happened. They don't even know what happened and they're all scared shitless. This is a very delicate situation so we have to handle it with gentle hands." The officer that came up to me continues to talk but I zoned out. 

I wanted to tell the cops what happened so I could just go home and sleep into my hangover that will appear tomorrow. If I could piece together what happened in my own god damned head then I would tell these asshole cops. I honestly just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry until I fall asleep. This kind of shit only happens in movies. Why is it happening to me? This cant be real. I look around and realize that everything is real. This is reality and I have to live in it. 

I would tell the police officer that things just spiraled out of control.. I don't know how, but they did. I don't really know what happened after all the scrambling and panicking. Or maybe I just didn't want to...

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