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My name is Alice and I have been running from my father as long as I can remember. I'm a werewolf and a hunter and my father was the one who genetically made me to who I am today a killer. But that's not who I am anymore that's why I'm here.


The school was very large considering it was in the country, it had an old look to it that I liked. I entered the school and went to my first class which was sociology, where I met Leah. "Hey your new aren't you?" of course I answered yes and she began telling me about all the different clicks. Its not that I didn't like to talk I just don't socialize. I was now on my way to my second class history.

CHAPTER 2- (Damiens pov)

I was teaching class when I smelled her and it was the most intoxicating thing I could smell. She sat in the back and covered her eyes with her hair. She had brown hair and her skin was a light color, but she was the most beautiful thing to me. I knew who she was the instant I smelled her. MATE.

CHAPTER 3 - (Alice pov)

Why is he staring at me did I come to the wrong class??? UGGG this is why I hate school and college everyone stares at me like I am a freak. "okay students I want to get to know you so how about telling me your name and why you are taking this class" OH shit I always heard of this thing happening but I never knew it would be here. How could he be my mate what the hell. I don't want a mate I'm not ready. Maybe if I'm human he wont want me yeah that's what I'll do. "Hello I assume you are Alice since you are the only one who hasn't stated your name." God I hate him but damn he is fineee I wonder what he looks like naked. noooooo stop thinking like that cmon you got this Alice." yes my name is Alice and I took this class because well I need it so how bout we make this easy and you just teach."

CHAPTER 4 (Damien pov)

Damn she is sexy when she's mad I like it. She has a different smell than other humans do I wonder if she's something else. "Alice I need you to stay after class okay" Her remark was cute saying whatever hahaha. "what do you need old man" she is really trying to piss me off." Are you human Alice"

CHAPTER 5 (Alice pov)

SHITTTTT he knows." of course I am human what else would I be" he is backing me against a wall I don't like this. " you could be something else you know" oh my god his breath smells delicious." like what". " like me" oh shit he showed his fangs a human would yell and stay but screw this im scared of my mate I did the next best thing. I ran.

CHAPTER 6 (damiens pov)

okay so what if she's human but I don't think she is since she is running so fast, but I like a challenge and my mate would be fun to hunt down.


Alice shifted into her wolf and was running into the forest as damien was catching up. Because Alice was genetically made she was slightly faster but her mate could catch her. Just when she turned around a corner he grabbed her and held her in place.

CHAPTER 8 (damiens poc)

She was a wolf but she was to fast to be a wolf so what is she bred with? I grabbed her and pinned her to the ground. "shift back love and we can talk about this like normal people" grrrrrrrrrrrrr "if you want to act like a dog I will treat you like one and drag you to my home if you do not shift back now". If she wants to be stubborn that's her fault but I am losing patience and she will obey me whether she wants to or not.She layed on the ground I assumed she had no clothes so I gave her my jacket to get into."was that so hard" She kicked me into a tree damn that fucking hurt okay so maybe I deserved it."your not my mate"

CHAPTER 9 ( alice pov)

That's what his ass deserves making me shift back." your coming with me and you are my mate whether you like it or not" Shit hes hot when he uses that tone. "no your not I don't feel anything for you so you can leave me be". "oh really nothing at all" no not really I feel everything" no nothing". oh shit "how bout when I do this" he pinned me against a tree and nibbled on my neck. "nope" he started moving his hand up my leg and held it on my thigh. "no I feel nothing. "liar"


I knew she felt it her heart was beating hard. If she wanted to continue I would have gone further but I want her in my bed for that screaming my name. " you had no right to do that"im her mate." I had every right to do that you are mine,my mate and no one will touch you like that but me you understand" she is really making me mad." I have a boyfriend so I think you are mistaken" this made my blood boil and my eyes turn black I pinned her to the ground and sunk my teeth into her neck and marked her.


I shouldn't have done that but damn this feels good. I just couldn't help my self I gripped hold of him and sunk my teeth into his shoulder and was grinding against him."were going to my place" I didn't care I was full of lust and blood lust."okay"

CHAPTER 12 Damien

WE were at my place in a flash and damn she was hot I layed her on the bed im not going to make her mine yet but I will show her that im the only one that can make her feel. I layed her on the bed and layed ontop of her and sunk my teeth in her neck once more. She sunk her teeth in my neck which was interesting because only vampires do that. I moved lower and began to massage her breast while sucking the other. She was moaning so I knew it was time to move lower. As I moved lower I couldn't help but see all the scars and it made me angry to know that someone had harmed her. I looked up at her eyes and they were red which just made me hotter for her.I began to lick her thigh and rub down them then I started to rub the insides of her legs up to her heat.I licked her up and down while she was moaning my name then I thrusted my tongue as I rubbed her clit which really got her going> Soon she was shaking and just layed there.


Dame I shouldn't have done that but that was the best orgasm ever." I couldn't hep but notice you had so many scars who did that" I turned my head away fearing he might be angry I didn't want to tell him about my past." Alice?".."listen I had a bad past and I don't want to talk about it okay im a better person now and I want to stay that way. " may I ask something else?" huh guess he wants to know a lot more I just want a break. I shook my head yes." why did your eyes turn red and you have fangs are you a vampire" I knew he was going to ask that." I don't know what I am, my father genetically made me from different things and I just do what comes naturally"I really just want to be a normal person.

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