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Crystal's P.O.V

"Hello? Felicia? Beth? Belle!?" I called, looking around franticly. But all I could see is darkness

"Regina?!" A Swedish accent I have come to love called in response. I turned my head to where it was coming from and ran straight towards it. Even without any wind or breeze, my brown wavy hair still flew behind me as I ran. I kept running until I saw the silhouette of a woman figure. The closer I got, the easier it was to make out long, straight blonde hair, sea blue eyes, and that small skinny figure I'm used to seeing. She was tied up on a chair, her glasses broken and sitting next to her. I ran to untie her.

"Fel, are you ok? Who did this?" She seemed like she had no bruises or cuts, just simply tied to a chair. But she couldn't speak, as if she had no voice left.

"Well look who's playing prince charming! Why don't you come give daddy a hug, yea?" I stiffened at the voice. 'Do I even know this guy? Daddy? But that doesn't really matter now...'

"Why did you tie my friend up?!" I yelled and spit in his face, no one messes with Felicia, or anyone else that I care about.

Yelling only seemed to anger 'my dad'. Before I knew it, hi fist collided with my cheek and I felt a tingling sensation. Not a burning or painful feel, but more of a vibrating feel. I gently touched my cheek and looked up, everything was white now. I closed my eyes from the blinding scenery.


My eyes shot open, and all I saw was my ceiling. I sighed.

            "Thank god that was a dream!" I reached my hand up to the vibrating sensation that didn't cease and I felt a vibrating phone. I laughed.

            "So this was what I felt. Thank you vibrating phone!" I pulled the phone in front of my face, still laying down. I saw a picture of me and Felicia smiling on my 20th birthday, above the I.D that she put in said 'Fee Fee <3' I laughed at the drunken memory and looked at the time. 10:30? SHHEEEEIIIITTTTTT

            I hopped straight out of bed and ran to get dressed, completely forgetting Pewds call. I quickly jumped and took a fast shower before throwing on my white shirt, blue blazer. I quickly ran pant less to the other side of my room where I layed out my black skirt and my favorite pair of converse. They may be ripped but they were god dang comfortable. I quickly blew dry my hair and brushed it. On my way down stairs I looked in the hall mirror to make sure I looked presentable, Shirt, blazer, skirt, shoes, laptop and bag.... Am I forgetting something? Before I could answer myself I heard a knock at the door.

"Crystal!" The voice called with irritation. I knew that accent too well to not know whom it was. Oh no... my mask!

"Just a sec!" I then ran back into my room to retrieve my mask. I fastened it tightly around my head and ran to the door, and opened it.

"Hey Pewdelia!" I chirped, hoping to put her in a better mood.

 "Oh hush. Come on, Tabby and the others are waiting for us," She jerked her thumb over her shoulder, gesturing to where her house was. I nodded and followed. While she was talking, with me ignoring, I couldn't help but take in her appearance. She looked stunning. Her long, straight blonde hair tied up, her glasses on her face and not on the ground broken; she wore a white T-shirt with blue stripes and jeans. Ha, If fans could hear me now.

Before I knew it we arrived at Pewdelia's house and was walking up her driveway.


"Crystal, can you go into the garage and get the drinks, the code should be written on a sticky note next to the keypad" Pewdelia asked. I nodded and headed to the garage. Once there I looked at the code.


huh, wait a minute. Isn't that my birthday? I'll ask her later.

I retrieved the drinks and placed them in the kitchen. I then headed back to the main room.

"Kami~" I whined "Are we starting?" I really wanted to start; I was getting bored, which happens easy.

"Nope." She responded popping her 'P' I groaned and let my body fall onto the couch with Pewdelia falling with me. Ask her about the code, no, no bring it up casually like ask her about it then say that it's weird or a coincidence that it's your birthday. Before I could ask, she put her headphones in her ear, blasting music. I sighed and Kami shot me a questioning look. I waved her off as Tabby, Isabelle, and Bethany entered from wherever in the house they were. We all introduced ourselves.

During the Video:

(P: Pewdelia C: Crystal K: Kami T: Tabby I: Isabelle B: Bethany)

P: Kami, care to explain Why we are posting a video and streaming an hour long vid?

K: So today since we are all together, we are doing a hour of games. Beth, care to say the challenges?

B: Ok so for games we will start out with some TTT, Prop Hunt, Murder, and we will end with some Guns Of Icarus Online!

Everyone: LETS DO THIS!

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