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okay, this is my first story ever. so please dont hate me if this isn't as perfect as the rest of the story's in the wattpad website. i don't know all the quirks of this thing. it is really hard for me to even manage to find the time to write this story. so please give me pointers to make my story better and how to get my cover page to look as awesome as the rest of the people who write stories seems to get theirs.

He walked in. his platinum blond hair had droplets of water stuck to it; it looked like he had a head full of diamonds. His face had an ever showing smirk. His brilliant grey eyes swept the room, looking for someone. His high cheekbones had a slight flush to show that he has been out in the cold winter weather too long. He swept his long elegant looking fingers through his slightly wet hair causing droplets of water to fall down. Finally his stormy eyes settled on me. His smirk stretched further. I turned my head down and tried to look like I wasn't spying on him the whole time. I looked towards the book in my hand and tried to at least remember the title of the story.

Finally I felt his presence. He was standing next to me. His shadow fell over my hands but I refused to look up. I could practically feel the warmth of his body against mine.I felt him sit in the chair in front of me and felt his hand brush against my leg before he sat down. I could practically feel the blood rush to my face. God why did have to be so hot.

"So il mio amore, what are you reading?" he said. I loved it when I heard him speak Italian. His grandmother was Italian and apparently taught him some too. For the first time since he saw me, I looked up and glared at him

"Cross, I would appreciate it if you didn't speak Italian with me, especially when I don't know what you just called me." I knew that the boy was hot enough for me to cook a turkey on him, but I didn't exactly like him.

Okay let me rewind to you, Ares Cross was the son of a multi-billion business man. He was ignorant and a bastard. He was rude to almost everyone and spoiled. He always had this I'm-better-than-you attitude. I go to a school for the elite. It was a private school for the rich. It was to teach the sons and daughters of famous people about their life and help them become more successful than they already are. " Well you should learn it, I dig chicks who know multiple languages."

"Je vais vous tordre comme un bretzels et vous nourrir de mes chiens , vous connard laid!"

(I will twist you up like a pretzel and feed you to my dogs, you ugly asshole!)

" Nice, I like it, we should hang out more." He said with a creepy gleam in his eyes.

He might be hot and smart, but absolutely nothing can get me to ever like him.

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