Jealous & Battles

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She is literally the biggest bitch I have ever met and I hate her with a burning passion. She is so annoying and thinks she amazing, when in reality she isn't even close. Every word that leaves her mouth is rude and disrespectful. I can't believe she would have the guts to say anything rude to me.

She makes me look weak, like I don't know how to fight back. She makes me look a fool, like no matter what I respond with her response is better. She makes me sound rude whenever I insult her, like I'm the bad person here. She makes me feel stupid, like whatever I do is just wrong.

She makes me feel real, like I'm not the famous player in all the magazines.

She's brave, and strong, and daring. She fights, she's stubborn, and she's mean. She's smart, and nice, and loving. She's selfish, she's crazy, she's tough. She's funny, and talented, and beautiful.

She's making me go insane, making me act like someone I'm not. Or maybe it's the real me that she brings out.

I'm a monster.

I can't get her out of my mind, ever sense I saw her on that stage two days ago her image never leaves me. The way she laughs, the way her eyes sparkle, the way she smiles all the time.

I hate her though, I hate that she hates me. I hate that she hates me before she even knows me. I hate that she won't even give me a chance. I hate that she always had a response to my words. I hate that she always wins no matter how hard I try.

"Harry, you could at lest try to be a gentlemen and stand up to say hello." I heard Simons voice breaking me from my thoughts.

I looked up to see see Mia standing right in front of me. I have been thinking of her all day.

She looked beautiful. She wore a black dress, with lace three quarter sleeves. It was tighter at the top and started to flow when it reached her stomach. It went half way down her thighs. She wasn't wearing her glasses and only wore the slightest bit of makeup. Her brown hair was down and curled.

"You look beautiful tonight." I managed to mumble then kissed her cheek. We are going to attempt to show Simon that we get along for everyone's sake.

"Thank you." She smiled and then turned to Niall. I couldn't help but get jealous when Niall kissed her cheek causing them to flush a light pink. Her cheeks didn't blush when I kissed her. He pulled out her chair like a proper gentlemen, something I couldn't bring myself to do. She smiled and thanked him.

"How are you liking London, Mia?" Simon asked, starting up the conversation.

"It's lovely, but quite cold, it's different." She smiled at him, if you hadn't met Mia before this you would think she's a perfect angel.

She knows how to act and she knows she's good at it. Simon was definitely buying it just like any other stranger would.

"Remind me where your from Mackenzie?" It was weird hearing Simon refer to her using her full name.

"South Carolina, sir, Hilton Head Island to be exact." She placed her hands in her lap and acted like a complete lady.

Don't get me wrong, I am one hundred percent thrown off by the way she is acting.

Is this the real her? Is she just acting when she's around us?

What person is crazy enough to want to act like a bitch and make everyone hate her?

But not everyone hates her, she has fans everywhere. I'm not going to lie, before I met her I did some research. She is known as the funny one and the fans adore her more than her sister, Ava. She is also said to be more talented than Ava but I could only ever find videos of her singing back up and only softly.

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