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 diˈrānj/ verb  

            1. cause (someone) to become insane.


Sick of sitting and waiting and quitting and paying

Tired of running and crying and shunning and lying 

Bored of cheating and hurting and beating and lurking

Trying and vying to change and not derange 

Done with laughing and smiling and then crashing and hiding

Over the blaming and pointing and gaming and toying 

Weary of hoping and praying and knowing and staying

Trying and vying to change and not derange 

We're all sick of sitting for people like you

We're all tired of running from problems of truth

We're all bored of you hurting us with words

We're all trying to change when its you who's absurd

We're all done with pretending to be fine

We're all done with you blaming our design

We're all weary of false hope and prayers

When in the end you're all the same

Somethings never change, 

Some lies are always the same

People will always toy around with your pain

But they'll never cease to derange


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