How she became

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Chapter 1

This is a story of a girl named Charlotte. Now I know what your thinking I know like a thousand Charlotte's she could be anyone of them. But this girl is not your average Charlotte she is a professional golfer, the best woman golfer in the word. She is #1.

Chapter 2
The girl

The girl we are all talking about here is Charlotte. Charlotte is just an average girl that lives in a small country town in Queensland called Middlemount. She had no brothers or sisters just a mum and a dad. Charlotte goes to school like every other child and she has a job cleaning windows. As you can tell she is average. Nothing different to any other person except one thing I guess Charlotte loves golf. And I mean she loves not likes or enjoys she absolutely loves it. Golf is not a hobby to her it is a passion, a life skill her LIFE!

Chapter 3
The beginning

All this started quite a few years ago. About 4-5 years ago. I was around 8 years old when I discovered the thrill of golf. The action the teaching of your heartbeat is all include in this wonderful sport. My Mother Marree was talking to a college one day when the lady mentioned that her son played golf. The Lady said I was welcome to go with her and her son to junior golf on Sunday. My mum happily agreed but first she had to see if I wanted to. What do you think I said??? At first I didn't know if I should say yes as I had never played but I eventually gave in and had a go. As a beginner I did pretty well but still had terrible shots. It was obviously expected! I started with 3 holes and after my first round I was hooked. I wanted to play golf again the next day. Of course I wasn't allowed my parents were to busy buts said maybe the next day. It was like waiting for Christmas to come and I love Christmas who doesn't?

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