Chapter 14~Happy turkey Day prt.1

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Princeton pov

Its almost Thanksgiving and were on our way to my condo.

"so where is this condo at" china asked

" Its In calabases"

"ughhh , Its gonna take forever to get there"

"look you've been complaing this whole ride so just shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride" naveen yelled

haha naveen got her straight

as Prod was driving It was getting dark out so everyone got there pillows and blankets and dozed off

"your not going to sleep" I asked naveen

"naw I'm gonna stay up with you for a while" she said

"okay"I said longing the okay

she laid on my chest and put the blanket over us while I propped my feet up on the chair( they had rented a big ass truck so It was prod in the front driving, roc and china in the first row, ray and dana in the second row and naveen and prince in the third row)

"y'all better not be doing anything freaky in the back you to" roc said

"were not fool so shut up"I said

"can we make a stop please, I really have to piss"dana said

"come on now be a lady and say ladies room or something"china said

"man shut up if I gotta piss then I'm gonna say that I gotta piss"

"well if I say imma gonna put my foot up your ass then that's wat I'm gonna do"

"bitch shut the fuck up before I piss in your mouth"

"ok that's enough dana"ray said

"she started It" dana said

"let's all act like women here please" naveen said

"fine" they both said in unison

As we stopped at wawas we all went our seperate ways to get snacks.

Naveens pov

As I was walking down the candy isle and reached for somesour patch kids my hand was met by princes. I pulled away and blushed and smiled broadly.

"why are you so goofy" he said to me laughing

"I dont know I just cant help it" i said still smiling

I got whatever else I wanted and went to the cash register with prince right behind me.

"that'll be 12.46" the perky white girl said.

As i struggled to find my wallet in my bag i had finally found it but when i was pulling my money out my things were already payed for.

"i payed for it for you" prince said

"really... that was so nice i owe you one"

Well that's that chapter hopefully y'all liked it

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