Chapter 18

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Madelyn’s POV

            “Hey J, my flight got cancelled, so I am going to hopefully get on the morning flight tomorrow. I should be home around ten. Just wanted to let you know, bye.” I left a message on Justin’s voicemail. I really needed to get home to get Justin’s Christmas present, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I could get it tomorrow.

            By the time I got into Los Angeles it was noon. Justin was standing outside of security as I walked out.

            “What a coincidence!” I said, wrapping my arms around him. He did the same and gave me a quick kiss before picking up my bags and taking my hand.

            “So I have an errand to run, and you can’t come.” He said, being very serious.

            “Okay good, because I also have an errand to run, and you can’t come either. So I’ll just grab a taxi and meet you at home in, thirty minutes?”

            “Sounds good.” He said kissing me before getting into his car. I hailed a taxi and was off to get Justin’s present.

            I made it home before him, which was a good thing. I took his present inside and put a big red bow on it. Before I knew it, Justin was home.

Justin’s POV

            I got out of the car, carrying the present. I was so excited to see Madelyn’s reaction. When I opened the door, my present was standing right by the door. A little brown and white boxer puppy with a bow on it’s head was staring at me, and so was Madelyn.

            “Oh my god!” We both yelled. In my arms I had a Papillion puppy. We had both gotten puppies for each other. Madelyn was giggling as she took the Papillion puppy out of my arms.

            “Hello cutie, do you have a name?” She asked.

            “Nope, it’s up to you. She’s nameless. What about this big guy?” I bent down and was immediately slathered in kisses by the boxer puppy.

            “He’s nameless as well.”

            As I pet him, he seemed like a big teddy bear, but he looked like a beast. “Which is a better name, Chuck or Norris?”

            “You are ridiculous.” Madelyn laughed. “I like Norris. It’s unique.” She was still laughing as she turned her attention to her puppy. “And you shall be called…Luna?”

            “Luna and Norris. Our little fur babies.” Madelyn was cracking up.

            “Sometimes, you’re too much for me to handle.” She set down Luna, who went to smell Norris. Even though he was twice her size, she seemed to be the more dominant one. Within minutes, it was clear the two were destined to be great friends.

Madelyn’s POV

            “Hey babe.” Justin crawled into the hot tub, putting his arm around me. It was almost midnight, so the stars and the moon lit up the yard as the dogs ran around.

            “Hey, are you all packed?”

            “No, but I can finish it in a little while. I wanted to spend some time with my girl.” He kissed me gently. It was his last night in Los Angeles before he left for the first part of his tour.

            “How sweet.” I kissed him back. We stayed in the hot tub for a while, making out under the stars, before we moved upstairs to the bedroom. We spent hours making love, before we realized what time it was.

            “Justin! Its five am! Your bus leaves in two hours!” I hopped out of bed, grabbing Justin’s t-shirt that was lying on the floor and slipped it over my head. I rushed to the closet to start packing for him.

            “Are you telling me that we just spent five straight hours in bed?” He laughed, still not getting up.

            “Yes, now get your ass out of bed and help me.” I playfully hit him with one of his t-shirts and he finally got up, but didn’t start packing. Instead he walked over to me and put his arms on my hips, keeping me from moving.

            “I don’t want to go. I don’t want to leave you here, all alone.”

            “I don’t want you to go either, but you have to. And I have to stay here and finish school. I have the dogs to keep me company.” I smiled as he kissed me, pulling me close to his still naked body. I kissed him quickly and then pushed him away. “Seriously, if you don’t pack and shower right now you’re not going to be ready when the car gets here to pick you up. So move it.” I whipped his bare ass with the t-shirt still in my hands as he walked towards the shower.

Justin’s POV

            Less than an hour and a half later I was ready to go, and my bags were packed thanks to Madelyn. The car and my driver, Louis, showed up fifteen minutes ahead of time. He took my bags out to the car and waited.

            Madelyn was standing in the living room, waiting to say goodbye. I walked over to her and put my arms around her, holding her close to me. I hated saying goodbye. We just stood there for a few minutes, not saying anything. But, I knew I had to go.

            “I’ll be home in a few weeks. I have the dates scheduled so I will get to come home at least once a month.” She didn’t say anything. “I love you.” I kissed her.

            “I love you, too.” She whispered.

            I gave her one last squeeze and then directed my attention to the puppies who were standing beside us. I bent down to get eye level with Norris, who was three times the size of Luna now.

            “Take care of your mommy, guys.” I gave them each a pet and opened the door. “Bye, Mads. Love you.”

            “Bye.” She walked to the door as I walked out. She watched as I got into the car and waved one final goodbye before shutting the door. I hated to leave her, but I knew I would rather go on tour now, when we were unmarried and childless. We had both made the decision that I should work hard on my music career before we had kids, and then focus on film work after so I could be in Los Angeles more. I couldn’t wait for those days.

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