The Question

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The next day can either be viewed as better or worse depending on your opinion. It was a little warm so I wore my black skater dress that had a sweetheart neckline with 1-inch straps. Another one of my favorite outfits. I wore my black army boots folded down to show the multi colored tribal pattern on the inside and a red multi layered necklace. I decided to let my hair rest today since I straightened it yesterday and put it in a ponytail. It was a little against the norm to wear a ponytail but I didn't care it was also a little weird to have straight bangs like mine but again I didn't care. Since my outfit had a lot of black I wore my jean vest with it. I also just wore mascara on my turquoise eyes to offset the amount of black in my outfit. I was running a little late and so Jess kept calling for me. When I finally got down the stairs it was 7:35. "Come on Lai hurry up!!!"

"Alright let's go."

Luckily we made it to school on time. As I opened the door and stepped into English the bell rang. If I had made Jess late she would've killed me.  I hurriedly sat down in my seat next to Justine to listen to Mr. Lorence discuss How to Kill a Mocking Bird. Justine was really nice also completely hilarious. She’d make little comments during class about the book or would just go off on random tangents. English was not boring sitting next to Justine that’s for sure. After that the day kind of flew by fast. I mean I never had to sit with my sister at lunch because on the first day of school I sat with Nat which was a complete mistake. All her and Cheyenne talked about was what other girls were wearing, or who slept with who, or who was dating who. Drama drama drama with a whole bottle of gossip ugh. But today I knew that wouldn’t be a problem because Sam was coming back. Sam-Samantha-is my best friend. We know what the others thinking and practically live at each other’s houses. She’s the one I tell my problems to and she tells me hers. Unfortunately she does as many sports as she can humanly take which means she’s busy a lot. It also means that for the last month of summer she was at a soccer camp/program- whatever you want to call it – in Iceland. She was supposed to be back the a couple of  days before school started but her flight got snowed in so she had to stay longer which meant her missing the first day of school. Although she is in a lot of sports, soccer is her main game. If a sport doesn’t fit around soccer then she won’t try it but if it does you can bet that she will be all out there ready to play. Being late meant that I didn’t get to say hi to her before school which also meant that I had no idea where to meet her for lunch. I had second lunch which meant that I ate after third period -Spanish-. After Spanish, Alice and I walked to lunch. I took out my phone and attempted to text Sam but someone came up from behind me and hip-chucked me. My phone went flying-because you know how coordinated I am- and skidded to the ground ten feet away. I turned around- my face blushing a deep red- to see Sam standing behind me. All I could do was stutter while she calmly walked over to my phone picked it up brushed off my Otterbox and brought it back over to me.

“Your Otterbox works.” She said with a smile.

“Good thing or you would be buying me a new a new iPhone.”

“Who has money for new iPhones?”

“You do!”

“Oh that’s right I forgot.”

“Of course you did.” I said rolling my eyes dramatically.

Sam has a lot of money or actually I should say her family has a lot of money and so Sam would always joke around about it which was fine by me as long as she didn’t wave it around in my face like other people I know.

“Good to see you Sam,” I said hugging her, “you know Alice right?”

“Yah sort of. I don’t think we’ve ever been introduced before though.”

“Well now you have Alice this is Sam, Sam this is Alice.” I introduced them.

“Nice to meet you Sam. I’m going to go sit down and eat Laila I’ll see you in Spanish.”

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