chapter 46

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niall's POV.

i don't want to leave the stage. if i do, i'll never see her again. 

i need to see her again. but, if i go over there and talk to her.. she'll either reject me or the other fans will give her hate because i like her and not them. 

i follow the lads to exit off stage. i take one last look at her and wave goodbye. she gives me a smile and waves back. i sigh and exit the stage. 

i give the stage crew y guitar and walk over to the snack table. i'm a stress eater. 

harry smacks the chocolate donut out of my hand and it lands on the floor. 

"what was that?!"

"you're the one that smacked my snack out of my hand. hehehe. smacked. snack. haha" i say. 

"the girl! why didn't you talk to her?!" 

"well.. because. if i did then she would either reject me or the fans would give her hate because i like her and not them. you know how that works" 

"you're niall james horan! no girl, in their right state of mind, would reject you"

"you don't know that"

"people may call me the flirt, but they're wrong. it's you. i only get girls because of my looks, but they like you because of.. you. she won't reject you. i'm sure of it"

"okay. i guess i'll go talk to her" i walk back out to the stage. 

"hey, niall" 

"yeah?" i turn around. 

"don't take no for an answer" 

i roll my eyes and he laughs. i take a deep breath and walk out on the stage. 

she's not looking at me. she's looking at louis. he's sitting on the stage in front of her. 

she has someone sitting on her shoulders. 

i don't have a chance against louis. he's already making her laugh. she'll never go out with me. she likes louis. 

i turn around and walk back off stage. i go back to harry and sigh. "she likes louis. i don't have a chance" 

"how do you know?"

when i don't answer he says, "you never know until you try" 

"well then i guess i'll never know" i say. i walk away from harry and go back to the snack table. 

i'll have to work off all of the pounds i'm about to gain tomorrow. 

lizzy's POV

"keep it" jennifer says. 

"as much as i would love to, it's yours" louis says and he puts the beanie on jennifer's head. 

she smiles and reaches out and brushes to little hairs on his head that were sticking up. 

"it looks better on you anyway" he says and she giggles. 

"that's only because you haven't seen yourself with it" she says. 

"yeah, i guess you're right" he says. 

she laughs again. "will i ever see you again?" he asks. 

she nods. "when?" he asks. "in about ten minutes" she says. "really?" he asks. 

"yep. we got back stage passes" 

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