Angel in Disguise

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Author's note: Read or don't read. But this is my first novel. Feel free to leave comments. 

Falling. I was falling again. Darkness enveloped me in a cold blanket of shadows. Only the light from above shined upon me. Where was I? I tried flexing my fingertips only to discover I couldn’t. Sleep numbed my body, and I could feel sleep taking over my eyes. What was I going to do? What can I do? I looked up ready to face what was below. I closed my eyes, ready for the worst to come.

                “Jade!” an unfamiliar husky voice called. I shield my eyes as the light got more intense.  A shadow appeared in front of me. Wings. An angel? He had wings as long as a meter. It was breath-taking. Beautiful. The angel offered a hand to me. I reached for the hand, until I notice something strange. Why were his wings tinted black? My hand jolted back, afraid of the unknown.

                “Jade! Grab my hand!” the voice shouted with force; as if he cared to lose me to death. Perplexed, I slowly reached for hand of a stranger. A sudden grip around my waist startled me. I looked behind me to see an ocean of bloody hands. I turned my head in panic.

                Help! I was being crowded by the hands. The last thing I was the outline of the angel. How he tried to warn me. Who was he? I took a last look at the angel. His brown hair swept to one side. He’s tattered clothes framed his well -built figure. I glanced towards his face to take a look at him.

                Then everything went blank.

                I woke with a jolted from the comfort of my pillow. Heavy breathing filled the room. I curled into a ball upon my bed. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes. I was scared. What does this mean? Trust wasn’t exactly my ‘thing’. I was just afraid of letting someone in my life, just to let them hurt me in the end. Just like-

                “Wake up! You are going to be late for school loser!” my stepmother’s voice boomed. Suddenly my door flew open.

                “I told you to get up you fat pig!” she shrieked. I crawled out of bed with caution. I threw on a sweater and some leggings, to cover the unpleasant scars and marks I created. I quickly dashed outside of the house, or prison how I like to call it. As I waited the bus to come, I felt anxiety build up inside me. A new school, a new me. 

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