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Ok so I know I said that I wasn't going to write anymore buy my friend Karla yes you might know her from the story wanted to know what would happen between  Mario and her so I decide that it doesn't mater if people if it makes my friend happy then their nothing to loose so yea but if you do read please comment that would be my gift for Chrismas thank you

Mario's pov

 We were at Serena's house I was pretty scared to be honest. Mary texted her saying that we were heading to her house. I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I turned around I saw Mary's hand giving support I said to her nervous " I don't know about this I know its been a year but I still care for her their will always have a place in my heart and I would never would like to hert her" I said in one breath and I know its cheesy but is true I still have a small feeling for her " I know but she has to move on like you do and I'm shure she will still want to  be friends with you " Mary said with a small smile" and besides I know she will forget all about it because of the tickets to Sleeping With Sirens" she said with much more confident than with what I have right now " your right and besides she should of had  moved in herself I bet she found young man by now" I said with more confident while me and Mary were moving to the door and knocked twice. We could here the footsteps coming down .

When the door opened we saw this man in the door shirtless I was confused and surprise "umm do you know where Serena is" I said a little acoured I turned around to seem Mary looking  at his body. "Oh shure" the guy said " Serena theirs people looking or you" he scremed at her " ill be down their in a minute hun" she said over happy. The man walked away living us in shock. Serena came down smiling happy to see me and Mary " How you guys doing" she said " Fine and you" I said almost saying it to myself "Good" she said happy then she said the thing that hert me but I don't know why I I had Karla a beautiful girl "I want you to  meet my new boyfriend Luke" she said in time when the guy named Luke came in with a shirt  on. "Hi" he said while shaking mine and Mary hand.

Mary's pov

I was surprised to find out that Serena has a boyfriend and also from Mario's side to this was going to be a long day I thought to myself.  While he was shaking my hand with a smile he seems nice "Well I have to go Serena my parent are looking for me bye sweety" he said while giving Serena a smile kiss "Bye" Serena said in return  need to be honest  I was very surprised. When he was gone and out of the door I said "Ok this has to be the best day ever" I screamed pretty happy about the day I was having " Why" said Serena and Mario at the same time " cause first you have a boyfriend second Mario has a girlfriend and third I HAVE SLEEPING WITH SIRENS TICKETS" I said in one breath and the last part sreaming " what" Serena said surprised about what I have just told her in one single breath " You have Sleeping With Sirens tickets" she also said in one single breath " and that you have a girlfriend" Serena said to Mario on a cuirous voce   Mario was stumbling his words "Well..ll I..iii do and her name is Karla" gaining confident by the word. You could see a little hurt in Serena's eyes.

But then happy for him. I got tired of being out of the conversation and decided to start talking " Ok is anybody interested in the tickets." I said "Oh yea how did you get the ticket Mary" she said with a normal voice "Oh I got them oh my mom she gave me enough for everybody including Mario's girlfriend and your boyfriend" I said with a little lie then Mario gave me a "what" look "Oh really" Serena said with a big smile in her face. "Yup" I said Then Mario comes up saying I need to talk to you Mary in private" he said with a little mad face "ok ill be in the kitchen if you need me" she said with a worry face. When she left Mario whispered "What do you mean their is TWO extra ticket for the concert" he said still pretty mad at me " Well I didn't want her to fell sad so I thought to buy an other ticket for the guy" I said looking at him straight in the eye " ok" was all he said. Then we both went to the kitchen with a Serena and a sandwich "So when is the concert to Sleeping with Sirens" she said really happy. "In a week from tommorow" I said in a smile. A few hours latter I got tired and dicided to leave "Ok guys I'm getting really tired I want to go home" I said while yawning. "Ya me too" said Mario in a raspy voice. "ok  bye guys " she said heading to her room "Bye" me and Mario said while heading to the door.

Auther's note

I hope you guys like this chapter I know their short but I do have also other things to do thank you for reading my story and Sleeping with sirens  With Ears to See and Eyes To Hear

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