Louis' P.O.V.

she giggles ''hello''

''how are you my love''


''well? well what love what is it?''

''I called to tell you that...ugh fuck it Louis, I can't see you anymore''

''what why not?''

''when we told Zayn he got so pissed he nearly left me and kilt you and I really don't want to risk it''

''but darling risk is an exciting thing in a relationship''

''not when someone in the relationship dies in a horriable murder by a Bradford boi that can get out of any kind of saution just by one look in those beautiful big brown dimond like eyes

''that won't happen''

''how can you be so sure?''

''I'm not but you gotta trust me on this one''

''this one? I trusted you on all of them and they all turn out awful''

''shh trust me''

''ugh...no I got to go now bye''

''bye'' I sigh and hang up ''forever''

I lay back down on my bed and try to go back to sleep and then I sigh and sit back up and took my phone to text Eleanor I thought  that maybe she was asleep already but I knew she still didn't want to talk to me

Zayn's P.O.V.

 ''Zayn'' she said in a soft like voice walking in slowly

''what?" I sigh as I lay on the bed

''I'm still really sorry and I would understand if you want me to find a different hotel tonight cause you don't have to sleep with me if you don't wanna''

''no, no I could never do that to you even if I wanted to look i'm sorry''

''why, why should you be sorry it's not like it was your fault i'm a stupid easy whore'' she said as she started to cry

''your not please don't say that and yes it is my fault''


''cause I wasn't good enough for you and you probely liked him better''

''no Zayn your better and you always will be forever and ever and it's me who's not good enough i'm so so sorry Zayn i'll get a different room tonight''

''no it's fine you can still sleep in here I don't mind at all''

'' but you hate me how can you stand to sleep with someone that you know-"

"is beautiful smart funny that I love and that I know is sorry but doesn't have to be''

''-slept with someone else" she  said as her voice was getting softer

''you don't have  to I can deal with it I know I can cause love can win any challage''

''thank you Zayn''

''you have  no reason to thank me love''

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