Philly Love

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     Rose Victoria Harris

               My life is what you would call complicated. I used to have a lot of friends and the boys would come left and right. And with my smooth chocolate skin, long black hair, and ass and hips just too fat I wouldn't blame them. But, now my life sort of changed. I don't really have any one now but my brother. My brother is the only man in my life that I can count on and trust and I will always believe that until someone proves me wrong...which they WON'T! But's my story.

       First, I'll tell you why I don't trust anybody but my brother. It started off with this boy Tymir. I met him one hot ass day when I was downtown shopping for my friend Cashe's birthday. I remember the time and all, it was 3:20, because my brother Corey just called me telling me he had to work late tonight. This kind of irked me because I hated to be home alone late at night.

       All I wanted to do that day was stay in the house all day because it was soo damn hot! But, I had to get her birthday gift because if I  didn't get it today I probably would have never gotten it. I was thinking about the cruise that my brother wanted to take me on and how good the water would feel on my body. It had to be about 98 degrees outside and I had on some shorts, Nike' sandals, a pink tank top, with my hair up in a sloppy bun. But, I just wasn't cool enough. In my eyes I looked a hot mess!

        Out of nowhere this boy came up to me and started to fan me. I looked at him like he was the fuck crazy. He smiled at me and all I saw were pearl, perfectly aligned teeth. He was at least 6-foot exact, with curly hair, hazel eyes, facial hair, tattoos and a sexy ass body. I know he had a six-pack because he had no shirt on with some ball shorts. He must have just came back from playing ball.

   "What's up cutie, you lookin a little hot." he said with a big ass smile.

           I didn't get a chance to respond to him because he just grabbed my arm and made me cross the street with him. I was scared as hell because I never seen this boy a day in my life.

  "Umm excuse you me, where are we going. I don't know you. You cant just be grabbing my up like this." I tried to escape from his grip but it was too tight. I was cute but I didn't know him like that for him to grabbing me all up.

  "My bad ma.. I was just taking you to my favorite spot. I'm trynna hurt you or nuttin."

         I just kept walking. "And where is that?" I asked him with a slight attitude.

 "It's called Philly ever hear of it?" He asked me. He was still smiling even when I gave him attitude. So I just loosened up a little seeing that he was not going to go away.

 "Yea I heard of it.. I used to go there all the time when I was younger." I said with a small smile thinking back on when my mom and I used to go every Saturday.

"Ok cool so you know where i'm taking you."

           He was kind of cute so I figured i'd give him a chance. I was going to Philly Flavas with a complete stranger but I was hot and was in need of an water ice.

           When we got there it was packed. Just like us, everyone was trying to stay cool so that was expected. Plus, Philly Flavas is like the best water ice in Philly.

        As we made our way in, it seemed like everybody in there was speaking to Tymir. Everyone would speak to him and all he would do was nod at them. I guess he was Twitter famous or something. All the girls were staring at him but he paid them no mind what-so-ever. He just order my mango water ice and his cherry one and found us a table.

      When we sat down he stared at me and said, "I forgot to ask you what your name was." I busted out laughing because I was sitting in a water ice shop with a boy who didn't even know my name.

"Rose." I said "Rose is my name."

      And with that we just talked and talked about everything under the sun. It was as if I knew him all my life. My mind started to wander about if we really worked out and if would have kids. I know it was a far jump but that's how this boy was making my feel. When we were finished we got up  and left.

"Where to next?" I asked not really wanting to leave him yet.

"My crib... if you can hang." he said.

         I didn't really wanna go to his house but I felt like he was challenging me and I don't like being challenged.

"I can hang." I said with a little regret in my voice.

        When we got to his house we went straight to his room. It was nice a little small but not too bad. He got comfortable as soon as we got there he kicked his shoes off and laid across the bed. He turned the tv on but he noticed I was still standing up. So he moved over and said," Come over here, there's no reason to be scared." When I laid down next to him he started running his fingers through my hair. Good thing I took out my weave just a while ago. Then, he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie.

 "Okay..what do you have?"

           He got off his bed and started looking through his movies and naming what he has to me. We watched a couple different movies. I couldn't tell you if you paid me what the movies were about. I was to lost in Tymir's touch. It sent shivers all throughout my body. I knew I shouldn't have sex on the first date, and then again it wasn't even a first date. We just met a few hours ago but the sexual tension was so thick! I tried to fight it but..... FUCK IT I PUT IT DOWN!!!

         The dick was so good and all I wanted was to lay there with him and cuddle, but he did the opposite. He got up, got dressed, and left me there. I couldn't believe this, I just gave this boy probably the best sex he'll ever have and he just left me like this. I was too pissed. I got dressed, wrote my number down on a piece of paper hoping that he would call me.

        I waited for 3 weeks just waiting and waiting...and guess who I didn't hear from.......


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