Chapter 3: Rachael has a nightmare of Michelle

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Rachael walked into her house and put her jacket on the coat rack. She put her keys on her key hook and went upstairs to her room. She laid down on her bed and went to sleep. Rachael was in the kitchen washing dishes and she put the last bit of dishes up. A glass fell down and broke. She looked beside her and saw the pieces of glass on the floor. They spelled themselves out and it said: Why didn't you save me? Michelle appeared in front of her and Rachael looked at her. "M, you're here," said Rachael and hugged her. She noticed that Michelle wasn't hugging her back and she looked at her. "Didn't you read the message, Rach, I'm dead, just like in that other dream of yours, what's wrong, sis, have you lost somethin', maybe, half your life?" said Michelle and sliced Rachael's left wrist with a knife. Rachael grunted in pain and her blood squirted onto the floor. "Why, why're you doin' this?" said Rachael. "Fight me back, Rachael, you know, you've got the guts, you didn't save me, you didn't rescue me," said Michelle. "I didn't know, I swear, I didn't," said Rachael and Michelle stabbed her in her stomach quick-like. Rachael grunted in pain and started crying. "Nobody doesn't know a damn thing these days, you're not the only one who's gonna be dyin', but on behalf of your proposal, I'll bring Patrick, your kids, Tori, and the rest of our friends with us to Heaven, you won't have to suffer no more, Rachael, I promise," said Michelle and took the knife out of her stomach. Michelle walked away and Rachael fell down on the floor. Her blood spelled out: I didn't know, my sister, I'm sorry. Rachael woke up and sat up quick-like while she was panting heavily.

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