Chapter 2: Khleo has a nightmare of Michelle

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Khleo was sitting down in his living room watching TV and he fell asleep. Khleo was outside in his Jacuzzi relaxing himself and Michelle walked by him. She got in the Jacuzzi and splashed water at him. He wiped the water off his face and looked at her. "M, I can't believe you're here," said Khleo. "Me, neither, you know, I felt dead inside while I was gone, did you know that, no, you didn't," said Michelle. "M, what're you talkin' about, (the water turned into her blood and he looked at it), oh my God, M," said Khleo. "Why didn't you save me, huh, look at me, Khleo, (he looked at her and saw her covered in her own blood), why didn't you save me like the others said they were gonna save me, why didn't you save me from dyin'?" said Michelle crying. "We didn't know you were dyin', we swear, what happened to you?" said Khleo. "It doesn't fuckin' matter, cuz, you're comin' with me," said Michelle. "What do you mean?" said Khleo and her eyes turned black. She made the water really hot and Khleo's skin started peeling off of him. He started screaming and his blood mixed in with the bloody water. He woke up and sat up quick-like while he was panting and sweating.

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