The Story - Chapter 1.

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Kayleah had just had her 7th birthday, this was her 3rd Birthday at the orphanage of California. Kayleah had been at the orphanage since she was 3.

~ The Story ~

It ws just another regular day for Kayleah, being woken by the sound of her parents screaming at the top of their lungs, she tried to cover her ears, but that could.'t block out the sound today. She pulled the pillow over her head, that sort of worked by muffling the sound, to help put the sound out of her head she closed her eyes and counted. She counted to 176, unsuccessfully, missing numbers, she only counted until it stopped, once it stopped she would stop counting. Just when Kayleah opened her eyes and unwrapped the pillow from around her ears, her door come flying open with a loud crash from hitting the back wall, Kayleah's eye shot wide open at her the sight of her mother, she was as red as Rudolph's nose, with blood coming from just about every part of her face. Kayleah started bawling her eyes out seeing her mother like this, but what she didn't realise was that everything her parents were screaming about was her, how they didn't want her, how she shouldn't be here. Kayleah's father did everything to her mother, because Kayleah's mother was going to kill her in her sleep, her father didn't really like Kayleah either but that was too far, so he punched her, they had a physical fight.

Kayleah was still crying and hid under the blankets as she didn't want to see her mother's beaten up face, but her mother came up to her and ripped the blankets from Kayleah and grabbed her hair, forcefully dragging her out of bed to the wardrobe. Kayleah, screaming and crying even harder in pain kicked and punched, even tried to bite her mother, but her mother only pulled harder, they got clothes out and dressed Kayleah. Her mother then told her go eat some breakfast, not being able to stop crying, Kayleah ran out of her mother's grip to the kitchen which had dirty dishes laying around everywhere. She grabbed a biscuit and ran back to her mother, where her mother grabbed Kayleah by the ear and dragged her out of the door and flung her into the car, where she roughly and forcefully beat her to the point where she had bruises on her face and blood pouring from her nose. Her mother then started the car and drove off to Kayleah's kindergarten, stopped on the side of the road, opened the door, pushed her out and drove off.

Kayleah was lying there in pain until some one came to help, a group of teenage boys had spotted her driving past, the immediately pulled over and helped her. They made sure she had pulse, called an ambulance and then asked her questions about what happened to her, Kayleah wasn't talking clear enough, so the teenage boy just tried to keep her alive until the ambulance came, after a short wait the ambulance came, racing around the corners with the sirens on. Many men and women came bursting out of the back doors with medical equipment, a man and women came to ask the teenage boys some questions, like their names, when they came along, how long they think she was here for, if she saw anyone do this to her and so on.

After the series of questions, the nurse and doctor recognised them, their names were, Beau, James, Daniel, Luke and Jai, otherwise know as The Janoskians on YouTube. They found out more about Kayleah and how she got there, how she got hurt, and who her parents are. Kayleah was in hospital that day until it was time to call her mother to come pick her up, the nurse was telling Kayleah that her mother will be coming soon, but that's when she spoke up and said what happened, saying how her mother came into her room this morning to how she pushed her out of the car and drove away, every single detail, she even told her about the fights her parents had, and how she didn't want her mother here to pick her up and take her home because she was scared, she was scared her mother would do this again.

The hospital talked the Kayleah's mother and told her that her daughter is going to an orphanage until adopted. Kayleah's mother was smiling with the biggest grin ever, she wanted Kayleah gone from the start, after the nurse had talked to Kayleah's mother about Kayleah telling her about what happened, the nurse told her to wait in the waiting room for a bit to hear what's going to happen next, the nurse called the police and ordered them to come here immediately, the police were on their way, the nurse still on the line to the operator telling her about Kayleah's parents, and how they've been abusing Kayleah. The police came and arrested Kayleah's mother after hearing the story from Kayleah, Kyaleha's mother and the nurse. They soon tracked down Kayleah's father and arrested him too.

That day was the biggest day of Kayleah's life, she had been abused, been helped by none other than The Janoskians, and been put in hospital and an orphanage. What no one had realised was that this all happened the day before Kayleah's birthday.

It was later that night when Kayleah was actually enrolled into an orphanage, once she had been enrolled, didn't really make friends, so she spent most of her time playing with the dolls, pretending that they were her only friends. Kayleah spent about 3 years there before the teenage boys came in and asked to adopt Kayleah, they successfully adopted her, from then on, Kayleah's life was going to be turned back around in the right direction.....

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