"What's wrong?" Harry asked looking at me.

"Let's leave. We need to go." I said wiping away my tears.

"Not unless you tell me what the hell happened." Harry said angry.

His emerald green eye's turned dark.

"Deven is here. That's all." I said pulling him to leave.

"Who's Deven?"

"Me." Deven said.

Shit. He can't just go and pretended nothing happened. He had to just come approach Harry.

"So you're the boy toy she keeps talking about."

"Excuse me?" Harry says stepping closer to him.

"You know, I would cheat on him if I were you. Look at his tiny arms. He's a toothpick." Deven remarks.

"Leave him alone." I say.

"You really want to start this again?"

"Who the hell are you?" Harry says.

"Deven. Oh wait, I forgot. I'm the guy from the party she went to and how she got those cuts and stuff. I'm pretty sure she told you that story."

I looked at Harry and see him step even closer to him.

"You're the dirtbag that hurt her?!" Harry says.

"Shut up. I didn't hurt her. I just tried to get her in my.."

Before he can even finish, Harry's fist connects with his jaw.

Deven is in a bit of shock, but comes right back with a swing.

Harry gets hit right at the side of his face.It would've been his nose, but he moved.

"Stop it! Both of you!" I yelled.

None of them stopped.

I pulled Harry away before he got punched again.

That didn't do anything because instead of him getting the punch, I did.

Deven's fist contacted with my cheek. I stumbled back.

"You fucking punched her!" Harry yells before hitting him repeatly.

Deven stumbles on the floor and Harry hits him one last time.

"Stay away from her!" Harry yells.

"I calling the police!" A worker says.

"Harry, let's go. I can't have you arrested." I said.

Harry wraps his arm around my waist and walks out.

We are in the car when the police arrive.

He drives down the road from the store and pulls over.

"Let me see your cheek." Harry says turning off the car.

"I'm fine." I said looking out the window.

Harry softly turns my head so he can examine it.

"It's a dark purple." Harry says touching it softly.

I flinch from the pain and looked away again.

Harry didn't say anything. He started the car and drove home.


I wanted to punch him more. I wanted him to pass out from all of my punches.

The only thing that stopped me was the worker.

My knuckles and bleeding from Deven's teeth.

Those are the least of my worries.

I drove only down the road before I check on Olivia.

The car is turned off and I look at her.

"Let me see your cheek." I said.

"Im fine."

I know she isn't. I turn her head softly to make sure I don't hurt her.

"It's dark purple." I tell her.

I touch it softly and she flinches. This is going to hurt her tomorrow morning.

She turns to the window, and I start to drive home.

"What the hell happened?!" My mum says as she see's Olivia's cheek.

"I'm fine." Olivia says.

"Look at your cheek! It's purple! And Harry, your knuckles are bleeding!"

Olivia looks at me and then to my hands.

"I'm fine." I tell her.

Olivia shakes her head and looks back at my mum.

"It was all my fault. I bumped into someone, and..."

"No, it's mine." I say.

My mum crosses her arms and look at both of us.

"Were the police involved?"

Olivia looks down. I don't need my mum to worry.

"No." I say.

It's quiet.

"Harry, go clean your hands. Olivia, I'll go get you some ice." she says.

I clean the blood of my hands.

The soap enters my freshly cut wounds. It stings for a while,but nothing I can't handle.

I wipe my hands with a paper towel and go to Olivia.

She's sitting on the couch with an ice pack.

She stares at me as I walk towards her.

I know she is probably thinking that this is all her fault, but it isn't.

If I didn't punch him, I wouldv'e not gotten my bloody knuckles.

If I didn't stop when she told me, she would have never gotten the black cheek.

"I'm sorry." I say sitting next to her.

"Don't. It's mine." she says.

"If I stopped when you told me you wouldv'e never gotten the black cheek and I wouldve never gotten my knuckles cut open."

"I don't want to talk about it right now."

I grab her and sit her on my lap. Her head rest on my chest.

My mum comes shortly after with the medical kit.

"I got it." I told her not wanting Olivia to get off of me.

She nods and walks away.

"Mum?" I call.

She turns around.

"Where's Gemma?"

"With Rob."

Great. I don't need to worry about all of these guys hurting my family. I don't.

I just let it be and worry about the girl who is hurt now.

She climbs off of me, but I stop her.

"Wrap up your cuts, then I'll sit back down." she says.

I don't argue and grab the kit.

Olivia takes it from me and openes it. She grabs some wrap shit and places it down.

She softly wraps my cut and wraps around tape after.

She is so beautiful. I don't know how I have her. My heart is going to break when I see the Swan's car leave with her in it.

Olivia places my hand down and puts the stuff away.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Four." She says.

She sits back down on my lap and I return the gesture by placing the ice pack gently on her cheek.

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