Crossing The Line

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Callie POV 

Callie- what Jude? you told her all that stuff?

Jude- yes

Callie- why?.. why would you do that?

Jude- I saw you and Brandon getting close again and I didn't.. I didn't want anything to happen, so I thought if I did it you would think it was Brandon and get mad.

Callie- oh.. Jude, do you understand who you told this too.. shes already out to make my life miserable!

Jude- I just couldn't take a chance on you..

Callie- what?

Jude- I didn't want you to screw everything up again, things were just getting back to normal

maybe Jude had a right to be worried. he was just afraid. I was angry at him but in a way I couldn't be upset. he was had a right to be concerned, me and Brandon had gotten close again. we had nearly given in to our feelings a dozen times, but there was no danger of that happening now. not after accusing Brandon for this, I doubt he would easily forgive me for this.

Brandon POV

I was in my room still trying to process what had just happened. Callie knocked on my door.

Callie- hey

Brandon- where is everyone?

Callie- um.. Jesus and Marianna still arn't back and your moms had to go to that school meeting so..

Brandon- what about Jude?

Callie- yeah.. Jude..  your moms took him with them

she came in a sat next to me on mt bed, she was close but not too close. 

Callie- so I guess I was wrong.. about the whole Talya thing, so I'm sorry.. I was a complete jerk 

Brandon- yeah you were

she laughed 

Callie- yeah so I'm sorry

Brandon- its okay, I mean I understand how it must have looked, I probably wouldn't have believed me either

Callie- yeah well if the situation was reversed I probably wouldn't have been as understanding as you just were so.. thanks

Brandon- your an easy person to forgive 

Callie sensed where this was heading and rose to leave, but I grabbed her hand and stopped her

Brandon- how long can we keep this up

Callie- what?

Brandon- you know what, us tiptoeing around how we feel

Callie- this is just how it has to be

Brandon- I don't think I can take it Callie, seeing you everyday, watching you laugh, looking in your beautiful eyes, Callie can't you see I'm in love with you

I was still sitting on the bed, she sat right in front of me. I reached over and put my hands on her face, I leaned into kiss her

Callie (whispers)- Brandon, we shouldn't..

Brandon (whispers)- I love you

I kissed her gently, she resisted at first but then folded into me and the kiss intensified.

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